Friday, May 23, 2008

Tidbits of joy: a transformation

About a month ago, my sweet friend Mrs. M of the Brown Toile Rocking chair fame, gave us a heavy duty wooden porch swing! It was at the home they bought last fall, but she already had a really cute one, so this was an 'extra'. As I was scrubbing off years of grime, I noticed that it was made in Kelowna, BC, so it was just perfect for our Canada loving family!

I primed it - twice - I guess I didn't scrub quite all the dirt off! When Mum and Dad were here for their visit, Dad hung it up for us under the pergola. I had some fabric left from the cushion project and today I finally finished the porch swing! Quite a transformation, eh? It is quite comfy, though I would like a higher back on it, but beggars can't be choosers! We love it - the kids especially!

*sigh* I've always wanted a porch swing and now we have one! What a blessing!

If you need me, I'll be out back, sipping a Raspberry Tea and swinging on the porch swing!

I hope you have a lovely Memorial Day weekend!

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  1. Your cushions are just beautiful!!! I love those materials. The florals remind me of cushions my grandmother had on her patio in the summer. How wonderful that God provided a swing! Have a lovely weekend!

  2. I like it! You have done a great job on it. Well done. I have been thinking these past few months of putting one up but they are not popular in Ireland and we seem to only have swinging seats that are on a stand. Next year I might look into getting one made.

  3. Oh, and check out Nadia's blog at

    She has put a very good short video from u tube on her blog. Hope you l like it.

  4. This is SO pretty!! What a neat gift from a friend!! And what a great decorator you are!! It's so inviting- I can hear it saying "Come, sit, relax..." Aaahhhh..

    Mrs. U

  5. Great job on the swing! I have to say that I am a tad bit envious. What a blessing! Thanks for sharing...


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