Friday, May 16, 2008

Tidbits of joy: a mistake

While Dad and Mum were here for their visit, Grammy enlisted the help of Dreamer to load and start the dishwasher. She mistakenly filled the soap holder with my washing up liquid - not dishwasher detergent! Oh the suds! Quite comical! In a very much all over the cork (never to be wet) floor kind of way!

The problem was cutting the suds inside the dishwasher and rinsing the dishes properly - the lazy way, of course, since my neck was so very painful. We resorted to running a 'rinse and hold' cycle with lots of cheap vinegar to cut the suds.

Three times.


But ... since I am looking for the tidbits of joy, I have to admit that our silverware has never been so shiny! I'm amazed. The vinegar treatment has our dishwasher working better then ever. I think I'll have to try it once a month or so and see if my dishwasher continues it's good work.

A tidbit of joy!

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  1. Actually running your dishwasher once a month with vinegar is very good for it, specially if you have hard water. So you inadvertently found out a tip that I read about around a year ago =)

    I'm glad you had such a good visit with your folks.



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