Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Catching up

 I'm just dropping in to say 'hello'! 

I didn't want anyone to think that I've fallen off the face of the earth or anything.  Our Historian has been toiling away in the sultry warm of an un-air conditioned library and praying the parts to fix it will come before the collection of historical materials is affected. He's so thankful for the cooler weather we've enjoyed this week. Our Dreamer has been moving ahead in piano by leaps and bounds, or in this case a 15 piece Bach program she is working on for her next Guild competition - and her eyes sparkle and dance when she talks of it. Our Storyteller is finishing up baseball season, looking forward to baseball skills camp and reveling in the Red's many wins. I've been holding down the fort but spending way too much time in the doctor's office and waiting for test results, which I still don't have, so obviously we're all in a season of developing our patience and trust.

Both our van and main computer died last week and our internet connection was disabled by a passing storm. This is the first day we've been back online and after sorting through 379 e-mails, I decided a short blog post was in order!

In between times we've been living a very blessed life, finding much to be thankful for and grace to be thankful in our trying days. We've planted some veggies, harvested our own few sweet strawberries, taken the bikes to the park for a family outing, and feasted on fresh picked salads and juicy sweet watermelon. We've weeded and watered and waited out quite a number of loud passing storms.

We've had our noses in many good books and enjoyed a board game or two. The children are enjoying the back yard and the front yard too as school is out and no one is inclined to stop and inquire about why children playing outside in the middle of a 'school day'. 
We're still doing two hours of school each day - just the core subjects, and keeping it all light and fun in keeping with our summer plan!  We've made countless huge bundles of the branches that fell in the winter storms and had our first spontaneous fire-pit cookout of the season. Hot dogs and s'mores! Oh yum!
Dreamer and I giggled and chatted as we primed some free or almost free outdoor furniture and are just trying to decide of final colors. The Storyteller assisted the expert work of Dreamer in setting up our small 'pebble splasher' for the summer and now it bubbles and splashes in such a soothing manner as we enjoy icy cold lemonade on the back patio.
We've been in church each Sunday, in fellowship with other believers, hearing the Word preached with boldness and our hearts have been challenged and taught.  We've been on our knees praying for so many hurting, so many lost, so many putting their lives on the line to share the Truth. this week we are praying for our Pastor as he is in Argentina training local Pastors to disciple new believers in their home churches so that they can be 'fully equipped for the work of the Lord' .  He'll be in Lebanon next week doing the same thing, so we are praying for health, safety and traveling mercies.

I hope you're enjoying the first weeks of the summer break and finding time to see the blessing of a quiet, simple life of faith in Jesus Christ!

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