Saturday, May 31, 2008

Tidbits of joy: lists

I can hardly believe that this is the last day of May. Where did May go? I am making plans for June, and started by thinking about all of my lists, which brought to mind this post!

Lists. Do you love them or hate them? Do you make them then loose them, or live by them daily? Do you even make them on paper, or just keep a list in you head? Do you find them helpful or do they just overwhelm you? Do you get strange satisfaction when you check things off your list, or does it just remind you of all you have left to do?

How's that for a list of questions?

Personally, I like lists. I find that with my advanced years and increasing forgetfulness, lists are a great memory aid. When I can keep track of where I left them! They encourage me to move on the the next thing, and they keep me focused on the tasks at hand.

I often find grocery lists stuck in shopping carts and sometimes glance over them out of curiosity. Sometimes they look like they were written in code! K.B. Ched Chez lrg blk? Would that be Kroger Brand Cheddar Cheese, large block? I don't read or write text messages or shorthand, but I guess a lot of folks do, so this would make sense to them. Some lists are very detailed -mine would fall in that category most often. I once found a list that was obviously written for someone unfamiliar with grocery shopping - it was so incredibly detailed it was two pages long. Exact weights, how to pick out the best fruit tips, brands, places in the store, and heavily underlined 'don't' buy' cautions galore - in red pen! That was a list 'sportin' a 'tude' if I ever saw one!

Our children have become list makers. I find them all over the house. Lists about which Webkins jewels they are lacking for that legendary 'crown of wonder'. Lists of junk food to buy for a sleepover. Lists of mysteries to solve and adventures to go on. Lists of critters buried in the Mount Pleasant cemetery in our back yard. I even found a list of all the ways to be kind to one certain 'pesky' little brother - I kept that one!

I have a list of menu ideas for summer and winter posted inside one cupboard door. I refer to it often. I have a travel list, laminated and stored in each family member's underwear drawer for trips. I have a master packing list for moving with all of the brands of appliances and model numbers listed - two international moves necessitated this detailed list! I have emergency preparedness lists. I have lists of plants that worked well for me in the garden, and lists of plants I would love to try if my garden budget was unlimited.

I have lists related to home schooling, home repair projects, yard work, gifts to make or buy, spring house cleaning, and decorating ideas. I have lists of 'theme meal' ideas and lists of favorite recipes and were to find them in my cookbooks - this list needs to be updated! I have medical history lists and lists of people to pray for. I have a first of the month checklist and a list of emergency contact numbers laminated and on the fridge. My list of lists is pretty long!

My latest list has to do with things to keep an eye out for. If we ever get to go yard sale shopping or have time to peruse Craig's list a bit - these are the things that I'm looking for. I just took ' large round ottoman' off my too look for list and wrote it on my "Sewing Projects" list thanks to my friend Mrs. M.! Here is what remains on my "Too Look For" list:
  • portable basketball net - adjustable
  • small round table
  • rocking chair - paint-able for front porch area
  • wicker rocker / chair / love seat or end table for Grammy flat porch
  • old mirrors / interesting wooden picture frames
  • old windows - to make a cold frame
  • glass knobs / old hardware to repurpose
  • E/O. Brody style milk glass footed compote / vase / tumblers ( have 2 - would like 8 more for a Martha inspired project)
  • GLH books (Grace Livingston Hill)
  • Nancy Drew Books for Dreamer
  • two breakfast bar stools for Grammy flat - high back supports
  • two end tables - matching
  • two tall buffet table lamps
  • tall book case for Dreamer's room
  • tall cast iron urns
  • a bit of wrought iron fence to decorate with
  • small jelly jars
  • wool sweaters to felt - must be 80% wool or higher

On my project list for June - organize all of my lists into a tidy binder format! I'd better add a nice binder to my next shopping list!

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  1. What a lovely place you have here in bloggyland...

    Thank you for stopping in and leaving encouraging words.
    What a blessing!

    Come back soon!

    ps. I'm also a list maker.

  2. I am very much a list person. :) I'm working on lists and lists and more lists for the family reunion we are hosting in a few weeks. sometimes I wonder if I could make do without so many, but, they do help things to go smoothly.

  3. I'm an unorganized list maker and even have a book of lists by Alice Gray! Great idea about having a folder for all the lists. I love your blog; it's very inspiring and encouraging. God bless

  4. I too am a list maker. Some are in my head, and some are in my palm. I have a master grocery list organized to the store I shop at - I guess that one will need to be changed. I don't think that I could survive without lists.

  5. I'm a list maker too! I feel much more in control when I know that I have things planned out. I keep my lists on my desktop screen, they look like little post-it notes. :0)

  6. AnonymousJune 02, 2008

    For me lists are WONDERFUL as long as I understand that it's okay to not finish everything.
    Lists generally keep me focused and as I am brainstorming the lists, I tend to remember things that would normally be forgotten!
    Great question...


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