Tuesday, September 23, 2014

31 Days Button Creation

Computer savvy I am not! 
But in the world of 31 Dayers it's all about button creating right now. 
This is my first draft.

{honestly since it took me 2 precious hours 
it's probably my last draft and we'll just have to 
live with the fact that the font 
'One Starry Night' makes 1 look like 7} 

So far only three people whom I love and adore have told me I'm crazy for trying this right now. 

I'm o.k. with that! 

Saturday, September 20, 2014

31 Days

Ahem ...


Are you still here? 

Oh good!I'm so glad! I'm here too!

Wow! That was my longest blog break ever! I really did not intend to leave you all in the lurch for so long, dear friends. 

Really. I had the best of intentions. I totally blew them all.

But here I am again!

Did you miss me? I missed you all! I'll wager that your life has been every bit as full and busy as mine has been. Honestly, I've missed blogging but haven't missed the effort of blogging.

Yes - effort. 

Being a low-tech one computer family has it's draw backs for sure. Sharing the family computer with my Storyteller and Historian was just too hard - too many interruptions.  

BUT I've just done something CrAzY ...

Something that will force me to get the old laptop repaired so that I can follow through with a commitment I've made to WRITE on my blog for 31 DAYS - the whole month of October.

YIKES! {who's laying bets that I won't be able to do this ... besides me?}

I'm taking Nester's 31 Day Writing Challenge because, well ... life just isn't busy enough right now! Ha! Nope - that's not why! I just finally feel like I've got some things to share again! Yeah! 

The CRAZY gold chairs.

I've done some other CRAZY things lately ... these chairs are a prime example. 

I totally forgot to tell my Historian that I was planning to go see these Craig's List lovelies and hoped to buy them if they were in good shape ... he met them on his way into the house. Poor man. 

It's such a blessing that he has both a sense of humor and an easy going nature. 

In other TOTAL craziness ... I DREAMED up this recipe {the muffins on the RIGHT}. In my sleep. Completely a dream - but I got up in a daze the next morning and made them and they were WONDERFUL. My children thought that was the best kind of craziness ever.

They like muffins.

Probably too much.

My sweet Dreamer made me make them again and she painstakingly required me to MEASURE everything so she could write it down. Then she typed it out for me. She's a keeper, that girl.

The recipe for the muffins on the left is in a very old blog post called Muffins That Taste Like Donuts. Yum. Still a favorite.

And now ...

The craziest news of all! 

I WON the Hunter Fan Company's National Ceiling Fan Day's Room Refresh Giveaway this week!!! 

So ... this room is getting a NEW Hunter Fan company ceiling fan {much needed} and a Professional Paint job!  

Can you tell I am EXCITED? 

Do you remember when I made the front room curtains? It took a little Grace Livingston Hill WINDOW INSPIRATION way back in 2007 to get those windows covered! Whew! 

Yeah ... haven't done much in here since 2007. Ahem. 

{Heather hangs her head} 

This room is SO VERY ready to be 'Refreshed'. 

I'm very VERY thankful that I won - this is the best and most useful prize that I've ever received! I'm really hoping that it will start the ball rolling and we'll get tackling some of the other projects that I'm longing to get done!

So for my 31 Day Writing Challenge ... it begins October 1st.

Dreamer's 17th birthday. 

I've chosen an ambiguous topic ...


stay tuned!