Tuesday, May 6, 2008

Sewing Joy

This morning I had the wonderful pleasure of introducing a sweet young Mom to her sewing machine! It has been lurking in her closet for two years, and her longing to learn to sew has never been satisfied! Today, I had the joy of teaching her to thread her machine and I watched her as she made her first stitches! Sewing is so much fun, and so very very satisfying. It is gratifying to share my knowledge with someone so eager to learn. I have taught a few young women to sew in the past, and it has always been a wonderful experience. It's got me thinking about my reasons for sewing, and I thought I'd share them here, so that you might be encouraged to give it a try, or share the knowledge you already have with someone else who might like to learn to sew!

My reasons for sewing ...
  • the satisfaction of accomplishing something with my own hands
  • the delight of creating a 'one of a kind'
  • the joy of being a 'producer'
  • re purposing materials for a new use
  • saving money - sometimes a lot of money, sometimes just a bit
  • not having to fight the crowds at the mall
  • not having to subject myself to fashion trends
  • being able to choose natural fabrics for my family
  • a perfect fit is possible
  • modesty made easy
  • well made garments that last a long time and make great hand me downs
  • a relaxing pass time
  • a skill I can pass on to our children
  • alterations and repairs - not my favorite, but very do-able
  • making a gift out of a heart of love - something tailored to the recipient
  • a creative outlet
  • having beautiful things I would not otherwise have - making our home a joy for ourselves and others
  • in the past, I have made a modest living with my sewing machine - quite a fun 'job'
  • helping friends in need
I am blessed to have a dear husband who supports my sewing passion - he doesn't even say much when I get going with my sewing and the house goes to wrack and ruin! He knows that I will emerge from my sewing area greatly happier with the world in general, and eventually, we will find the floor under all those threads again! He doesn't even complain about all the fibers that get caught in the roller brush of the vacuum, but patiently helps me remove them, and just keeps on vacuuming! I am truly blessed.

I recently finished some round cushions to match the set I made for our patio furniture last summer. We bought the chairs at a flea market and I searched diligently for round cushions to no avail. I guess round is out? I just finished the hand sewing on these four, and I am so pleased! I can't wait to have someone over for afternoon tea on the patio so we can sit on our 'new' 1940's wire chairs! There is a great deal of satisfaction in these kinds of projects.

Last Summer's Patio Project

I just can't wait to see where my new pupil will go with her newly acquired skills! She and her husband have four wonderful blessings - sweet sweet children are the best incentive to sew I can think of! As they were leaving today, one of her little ones chirped 'Mommy, now you know how to sew, right?' I'm sure her Mommy-heart was blessed!

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  1. What a ministry to teach someone how to sew! I LOVE your cushions for outdoors. They are beautiful, and the round one is just lovely! I think it is totally "in"!

  2. What a wonderful thing to do for a friend! Your patio chairs are beautiful, I love that fabric!

  3. Teaching someone to sew is a beautiful gift and to be used responsibly as to please God. Myu daughter is just learning to sew and has already designed a more modest bathing suit. She's a teen, and i commend her efforts and find she is more daring than I am to already attempt designing! We never know what doors are opened up to others by our humble instruction. Keep up your ministry! Happy sewing in The Name of Jesus Christ. Benedicimus te! God Bless you! - Adrienne

  4. Sorry; I used the wrong ID icon. I'd rather sew than mess with computers - of well!
    - Adrienne

  5. AnonymousMay 07, 2008

    I would love to have afternoon tea on your new round cushions Heather.

    How about Friday afternoon?

    See you then


  6. Did you make the cushions for the chairs on the rectagle table! I need new cushions and they are way expensive and I need 12! Plus a swing and two gliders.

    Cudo's on teaching the next generation to sew!!!

  7. Did you make the cushions for the chairs on the rectagle table! I need new cushions and they are way expensive and I need 12! Plus a swing and two gliders.

    Cudo's on teaching the next generation to sew!!!

  8. I've never had a talent for sewing. I used to have a machine but the two of us didn't get along very well, LOL!

    You have great talent and I'm sure you'll be blessed for helping the young woman!☺

  9. Oh Heather I wish you were my neighbor!!! I just love your projects you have done, you are so very talented!!! I could learn a ton from you.


  10. Sewing isn't for everyone, I'm sure, but I do love it! Thank you for you kind compliments.

    Miss Jean - I did sew the cushions for the green chairs - last spring when we went to get them out of the shed, the mice/squirrels had made a home in the old ones. Buying 6 new ones and the lounge cushion was going to be more than buying a brand new table and chairs set - and our old frames would end up in a landfill. I made the new ones - recycling all of the padding I could (much washing). My big mistake on this project was using cheap store brand Velcro - it isn't holding up to the rigors of outdoor life, and it has badly discolored. My total cost was about $80 for the project and I had enough left for the round cushions - just needed to buy good foam. I have a swing cushion cut out too, but I need to get some more upholstery thread to finish it up!


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