Sunday, May 18, 2008

Tidbits of joy: a rest

Yesterday was so special. We were expecting rain and high winds. We delighted in sunshine, breezes and just a few drops of rain. It was such a blessing to have a day with no time pressures, and no agenda. We were outside from 9 am to 6 pm - with a few moments indoors for snacks and drinks. It was my idea of a perfect spring day.

I am an outdoor girl, but not in the sense of hiking tall mountains or riding long distances on my bike. I love to be outdoors tinkering in our yard. Moving a plant or two, weeding a bed, touching up paint, and generally enjoying the birdsong and breezes. I washed all of the bedding, including the quilts and they dried quickly in the breeze. Some of them got a wee 'rain water rinse', but that's alright. I didn't do anything too strenuous - my neck wouldn't let me.

The Historian did a big job for me in edging all the flower beds. I pulled a few weeds and generally tidied up the yard. The children rode their bikes, played in the sandbox, exercised their imaginations, pulled a few weeds, watched an hour of 'The Ten Commandments' when we were threatened with rain, re-enacted the days of Moses and generally enjoyed the day. They even enjoyed one another - which is a really nice change these days!

We have a whole delicious week before us. We are not going away for part of our vacation as we had planned - we have so much to do with settling the van repair issue, and getting our medical needs taken care of. Accidents are rather unexpected expenses, also. I don't think I could really enjoy a time away when my neck is still sore anyway. We do have a longish list of at home things to do and, of course, just spending time with one another will be a joy. We will throw in some fun and make a few memories while we tackle the list and enjoy a change of pace.

We also have a birthday to celebrate this week - our Historian is getting a bit more 'patina' each year! We do love our 'antiques' around here!

All in all, it should be a week filled with tidbits of joy - and have you noticed that we haven't had any major mishaps in over a week? I asked for a breather, and God has blessed us once again!

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