Friday, February 1, 2008

Ta Da!

We didn't get the chair done last night - Mrs. M was afraid of being caught in an ice storm that began early in the evening and so she left for home before the roads got too bad. We did manage to cut the padding and the muslin cover, as well as the fabric. Today, Mrs. M took a half day vacation and came over to finish up the chair! Thankfully, we had another good day with school work and finished up just before lunch time. After a bit of talking, we got to work. We had a few tricky places - corners and around those arms, but we were both really tickled with the results and she was able to take it home late this afternoon!

We took some pictures first, of course! It is so satisfying to get a project like this finished - and since her guest room is going to be occupied for the weekend, the timing couldn't be more perfect! I say guest room, but it really reminds me of a bed and breakfast setting! Everything is so perfectly pleasing to the eye - wonderful pinks and chocolate browns. The room reminds me of opening up a wonderful box of expensive handmade chocolates! I would like to have the gumption to mix and match prints the way she has, but somehow it never looks as pleasing and restful in my home as it does in hers.

We posed these pictures of the beautiful rocker in a corner of the Historian's office - which used to be our garage. It is such a warm and inviting room with books lining almost every wall. I was coerced into having my picture taken in the chair by Mrs.M - she is too sweet to refuse. It turned out to be very sturdy and wonderfully comfortable rocker. Lots of padding, especially in the seat area made for a surprisingly comfy place to sit! Mrs. M was teasing that she just may be spending a bit more time in her guest room now that she has a great place to relax and read!

Did I mention how well behaved our children were? It was such a blessing to be working out in the Grammy Flat and have them playing nicely together, and not interrupting our work. They really are quite good at getting along and they made the most of their 'free' afternoon without school! The did go a bit overboard with the apple cider though - they drank 1/2 a gallon! There could be some rumbly tummies in the night! We could hear them playing, and of course I checked on them frequently, but there were no problems! Praise the Lord!

After Mrs. M, left we made homemade pizza and The Dreamer made a nice fruit and veggie tray to go with it. I have to talk to her again about cutting the grapes into more manageable clusters, but other than that, I must say she is really mastering the art of simple food preparation and presentation. I lay down on the couch for a bit since I was a bit in, so she worked with her Daddy. The pizza's turned out yummy - I made a double crust for hubby and loaded it with fixings - Mmmm! All healthy, naturally! The kids alway prefer more plain pizzas but our Dreamer got into my spice cupboard and after some sniffing, chose some herbs to dress hers up with! That girl will soon outstrip her mama for 'fancy cooking' I'm sure! I'm just such a plain jane!

I'm not sure what all this weekend holds. We have friends who have suffered a deep loss with the passing of her father, and the funeral is tomorrow morning. The Historian plans to attend. We don't have swimming lessons, since there is a meet at the pool - probably just as well since the kids are both doing much better but are not 100% even yet. I wonder if this cold is lingering because they are both cutting teeth. Two new molars for Dreamer and two front teeth for the Storyteller. What lovely smiles they will both have in a few weeks! For now, I'm off to bed with a toasty warm soother sac, and a book. If we have any exciting adventures, I'll be sure to let you know! I think we'll probably just have a quite weekend, but only the Lord really knows!


  1. I love the way that the white background of the toile lightens a the dark wood of the frame.

    The rocker looks great--and so do you!

    Thanks for sharing the photos of both.

  2. G R E A T job ladies.

    And the cutie-pettuti on the chair looks happy and wonderful too. . .
    But then I'm biased.

    Love Ya

  3. Very nice job done on the rocker!

  4. Ooh...your chair is beautiful, Heather and you look lovely! I love red and white toile so much! Thank you for entering my giveaway and your sweet birthday wishes. You are a wonderful friend!


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