Saturday, May 17, 2008

Tidbits of joy: a find

Mum and I slipped out to Goodwill one evening for a bit of a thrift search. I found a few things, which I will share by and by, but I just loved this little milk glass vase, so it gets to be first! It is old, I think - the markings on the bottom are 'E.O. Brody & Co. Cleveland, O U.S.A.', but that's not what attracted me to it! It is only 6" tall and boasts a sweet simple design and it is on a pedestal - what more could a girl ask for? The price - $1.49, was attractive too! More so since seeing similar items at the antique mall recently for much higher prices.

Right now it is home to a sweet scented bunch of 'Miss Kim' lilacs clipped from the diminutive bushes under the children's bedroom windows. Despite the rain, they have performed nicely this spring, and we are especially enjoying their fragrance in the house! Joy for all the eyes and the nose!

Tip: Lilacs are big drinkers and prefer a fresh cut and drink of water each day. I like to crush the woody stems a bit so that they can absorb a bit more water. They will last up to a week with a little TLC.

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  1. The vase is beautiful! Lilacs are just the best. We don't have a bush, but I would like to get one sometime. We had a great big one growing up.

    My husband kindly offered to take me to Goodwill the other night when we were out. I didn't find much, but it was fun to look. I did find 2 sweaters to felt, so that was nice.

  2. I'm so glad to hear this! We have beautiful lilac bushes, but every time I bring the flowers in, they're dead--VERY dead--by the next day. I will have to try this next year. Thank you! Also, I love your new layout. :)


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