Friday, October 19, 2012

Fall Mantle

I find it super hard to capture the simple beauty of our fall mantle this year.  Every time I walk past I find myself smiling - not because I think it's super fantastic or anything like that - it's just because it turned out almost as restful as I pictured it in my head before putting it together. 

{except for when certain children who shall remain nameless turn the rice lights from 'steady' to 'blinking'}

Our fireplace is in the family room and there are no windows in this room - when we came the walls were painted 'terra cotta' to match the brick of the fireplace - yuck! I've begged and pleaded for the go-ahead to paint the miles of dark wood trim in this room, but to no avail. We both know that it would help to lighten the room up, but the wood is in great shape and the Historian happens to love wood,  so ...
I work with what I've got - and this year I decided to step away from the orange pumpkins and go for something 'fallish' but more subtle and neutral

 I did not spend any money putting this together but pulled things from here and there throughout the house and craft room keeping with the burlap, creamy white, vintage paper and brown theme.
Do you see my Reader Roses? 
They are made from moldy old readers that were destine for the burn pile - I rescued the best of the pages and made a bunch of fragile flowers! 

We picked up these Buckeyes on a family afternoon one fall at an old cemetery and
 I've used them over and over again.This year they are making my white candles happy.
I used to have them on the table, but found that they were too tempting to play with.  They are smooth and glossy and the richest deepest brown.


The chippy old window we found in the attic when we renovated the garage several years ago!  It was in the shed covered with a thick layer of grime and mouse droppings. You can believe I cleaned and bleached it but good before bringing it in the house.

So that's our fall mantle - in all it's busy-ness! 
Somehow because of the simple color scheme it is still quiet, simple and restful. 

Speaking of restful - Storyteller's Fall Hitting league is now officially over ( I FROZE my nose off at the last couple of games, but he loved every second!) and tomorrow is our last day of Homeschool Soccer!  Yeah! No more sports until January ... can I get an 'amen' Mama's?

In kitchen news, I've been up to my eyebrows in apples!  
I prayed for a cheap 'source' for apples and God provided! Free!
A man from church has picked over 3 bushels of his neighbors unsprayed apples for us - they are generally wasted each year and just rot on the ground, so I am loving that they are being used.
So far I've frozen a bunch of apple sauce, canned apple sauce, apple pectin (for next year's jam), apple butter, apple pie filling and made apple bread.  I dried apples and made apple leather too.  I have about a 1/2 bushel left and my hands are a mess, but I am determined to use every last one of them! There have been a few wormy ones and they are making good compost for us for next year's garden.

We are hoping to get a new computer very very soon - this one is terribly slow and inadequate, but since it's more than 10 years old, we really can't expect much more I guess! 
It took 46 minute to download these pictures!
 No you know why I've been neglecting my blog so much!
Time to take a big leap forward into today's technology. 
Do you have any hints or tips for me?  
How do you decide what to buy and where? 
I'm in such a muddle - I know so very little about computers.

It's Friday night and time to get busy making pizza for the family!
We are all so tired and it's rainy and dull ... 
I think snuggling in front of a heartwarming movie with three of my favorite people is just the ticket!