Thursday, May 15, 2008

Tidbits of joy: a gift

For Mother's Day I planned to make this cute purse for my Mum. I was a bit sidetracked by the accident, but I did get it finished for her. I was able to make the straps the exact length that she wanted - long enough to fit comfortably over her shoulder and short enough not to drag on the ground when she just holds the strap. My Mum is lovely and tall, as you can see!

I have another one cut out for myself, so we will have almost matching purses when I get it finished. I like shorter handles. The pattern I used is the Miranda Day Bag from Lazy Girl Designs. I often don't use a pattern, but this one went together nicely. It is a bit open and I am afraid that with my energetic young helpers, it might just get 'dumped', so I think I'll add an interior strap side to side in mine, just to hold it all together better.

I added a little personalization to the flap for my Mum, since she is our Joy! This way, no one can get it mixed up with one of those readimade bags that anyone with a whole lot of cash can buy! I hope she enjoys it for a long time!

Making a gift for someone I love has always brought me joy!

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  1. That purse is just gorgeous!! I love your material choices. You do such a professional job! I'm sure your Mom will just love it! I'm glad you're making one for yourself too. I'm felting a bunch of sweaters just now to be turned into purses. We'll see how they turn out

  2. My daughter made me a quilted purse which I featured on a post. It was lovely all but for a closure. I stitched on some Velcro and it works well for me now!☺

  3. Your tidbits of joy is such a wonderful idea, Heather! The purse you made is beautiful...I love the paisley fabric!

  4. Kelli - I fell in like with the paisley first too - brown and blue are just really catching my eye these days! The other fabrics are lovely too - they were on a great sale at Hancock's fabrics!
    Ya-Ya - The purse pattern called for velcro, but I used a magnetic clasp that I had on hand. I couldn't find a nice shade of brown velcro!
    Heather - I am still searching for sweaters to felt - do you find it hard to get patterned sweaters? I am seeing a nice selection at Goodwill of solids, but few pure wool patterns. Felting is still in the 'research and development' phase for me - collecting sweaters and ideas! I hope to get to work at it soon though!


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