Monday, May 19, 2008

Tidbits of Joy: a plan

Last night as I was sitting at my sewing machine I had a little visitor ....


'Yes, Bud?'

'Sister and I have a plan!'


'Yup! And it's a good one!"

'What are you planning Bud?'

'This summer when we are all done school, we are going to give you TWO FULL WEEKS!'

'What am I going to do for two weeks?'

'SEW, Momma, SEW!!!!'

'Wow, Bud. That would be really really nice for me. What are you and Sister going to do?'


'Ahhh. Who is going to clean the house?'


'Who is going to do the washing?'


'Who is going to make meals?'

(long silent pause)

'How 'bout this - for two weeks you just sew and make meals - nothing else! Does that sound like fun?'

'Yes, Bud, it does.'

(and he skips merrily away, singing a happy tune)

That's our Storyteller!

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  1. How sweet! sounds like a good plan. :)

  2. Oh I have missed these sweet stories!!


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