Thursday, August 13, 2015

It's official ... I'm a lousy blogger

... and a terrible FOOTBALL mama!
 Yes, that's right ... I did say FOOTBALL

 Our 15 year old son is now on the public high school freshman football team having never played football in his young life. So I'm breaking my recording breaking blogging break to share my heart with you.

Here's 10 things I know so far:

  1. When they say 'early morning conditioning' they really mean EARLY.
  2. OxyClean is my new bestie. Oh the laundry! Oh the smells! I even broke down and bought an air freshener for our van. Yes. It IS that bad.
  3. Playing sports for 'free' at a public school ... because homeschoolers in Ohio are now allowed to participate in all extra-curricular activities without attending classes ... well ... it's really NOT free.
  4. I'm packing lunches. Except for occasional field trips, I've never had to pack lunches. NEVER for several days in succession. I've really missed out. Well, not really.
  5. Speaking of lunches, our grocery budget is taking a hard hit. Even with
    frequent quantitative feeding, our son lost 6 pounds the first week of two-a-days. The coaches want him because he is BIG so this is NOT a good thing. I'm trying to up his calories to make up for all he is burning, but wow - it's harder than I thought.
  6. Two-a-days. Heard of them? I remember nodding my head in agreement when a friend talked about two-a-day's with a deer-in-the-headlights kind of look. I need to apologize to her. I NEVER should have nodded my head as though I had ANY clue what that was all about. Now I'm the one with the deer-in-the-headlights look. 
  7. Bruising. Do you know how hard it is to see your son covered in bruises that other people's boys have inflicted on him? I'm not a violent woman ... but I could be. I really could. 
  8. I AM going to need an extra box of Miss L'Oreal 5AM this month. Just the truth right there.
  9. Also, there is no hope for any pretty fingernails in my immediate future, despite the vitamins that I am faithfully taking to make them stronger. They are stronger - and I know this because it's getting harder to chew them to nubbins. Maybe I need a vitamin for my teeth?
  10. This season of FOOTBALL has already had PROFOUND affect on my prayer life. I know that my walk with the Lord will be deepened as I struggle with my worry and fear. I know that no matter what, God is good. He is faithful, His Word is TRUTH ... and this boy ... our boy ... is HIS. God's plans for him are GOOD. His track record in bringing us through deep valleys is impeccable - He is our strength and our joy. 
  11. BONUS: My son went to bed and then popped back out here to stand beside me as I pound away at the keyboard. He humbly shared with me 5 very positive compliments that his coach gave him this afternoon while they were repairing his broken helmet together. He's got so much to learn, so much catching up to do. I am so so thankful for a coach who took the time to build him up in that way. Our guy has an auditory memory which means the coaches are being quoted pretty much verbatim on a regular basis here. So far everything I've heard has made me realize how hard these men are working to not only impart knowledge and to strengthen physical skill, but also to build character. 

He's a character all right! 

Thanks so much for dropping by to read my ramblings. 
I just needed to get this down while my heart was full.