Friday, May 30, 2008

Tidbits of joy: simple pleasures

Simple pleasures for today included a trip to the big city with my dear family - though it was a very early morning for us all, there were cheerful smiles and happy expectations, along with a nice dose of Adventures in Odyssey on the way. We made it to our destination, safely, did what needed to be done in an efficient and timely manner, and spent some time exploring a wee bit of the big city together.

I was mistaken that this was our final immigration process interview - I guess there are more dance steps to this immigration routine than we knew - but at least we are dancing again! Any progress is a good sign, and now that they have all of my biometrics information, we are just one step closer!

Our day included an unplanned field trip - a private tour of the Santa Maria replica docked at the edge of the Scioto River. It was quite an education, and fun for all - simple, inexpensive, unexpected, but a lovely little learning experience.

Another simple pleasure today - a stop at a thrift store. I had been told it was quite cheap, but never was in the area when it was open. It wasn't really cheap, but I found a few things that were reasonable, and enjoyed the hunt.

It is a pure pleasure to be home and heading for my own bed. My family are all so tired - sleep came easily tonight. Tomorrow, Lord willing, we will clean the house a bit and wash all of the sheets to dry out in the sunshine - I hope - plant a few flowers and enjoy the simple pleasure of spending time together.

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  1. i'll keep praying then that this will be a waltz and not a samba in your dance with immigration ;) and hopefully your last dance will come soon.

  2. We just want to be finished - thanks for praying with us! I still don't know if we will have all of the paper work in place to travel north for our summer fun with Poppa and Grammy! We plan to be up July 22-Aug 5 - Lord willing!


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