Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Tidbits of joy: a smile

The Storyteller asked me to put a picture of his 'fort' created using those crazy 'noodles' on my blog. He wanted Grammy and Poppa to see his creation!

While the 'fort' is kind of cute, I think the boy who made it is utterly precious!

We all smiled when The Historian chose strawberry shortcake for his birthday dessert! It's a summer time favorite, and now that the berries are getting nice and sweet, it is a real treat.
We prefer a homemade sweet biscuit shortcake layered with sweetened crushed berries, sliced berries and a dollop of real fresh sweetened whip cream. I garnished with a sprig plucked from our lemon balm - since it was a special day!

Aren't my strawberry bowls sweet? I bought them to give as a gift, and fell so intensely for them that I decided to keep them for ourselves instead - terrible, aren't I??? I have a big bowl and 7 individual serving size bowls, and every year we just enjoy using them when the berries are ripe!

The smiles were HUGE when Daddy announced a very very special birthday surprise - a movie! Not just any movie, mind you, but Prince Caspian!!! There was great rejoicing in our home! It was such fun - and we covered our little eyes a few times, but over all, it was captivating. Our children are huge Narnia fans, having all but worn out two sets of c.d.'s - one dramatized, and one recorded book version - and our books have been read and re-read!

The whole crowd at the theater heard a loud exclamation of "Oh Daddy! Thank you so much for this really special treat - I LOVED it! Thank you Daddy - thank YOU!!!" while the credits were running at the end! I heard some snickering, and he was a bit too loud (as usual), but I was pleased with his grateful heart.
Today, as you can imagine, we are playing 'our version' of Prince Caspian.
All day.

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  1. AnonymousMay 21, 2008

    Bunky said:
    Is that a noodle nose or what?
    If so, what makes it stick?
    What a cute fort. Is is for sale?
    Miss you Gerber...thanks for the

  2. AnonymousMay 21, 2008

    Bunky said: Heard about Prince Caspian just to-day on the radio.
    What a wonderful surprise to be
    among the first to see it.......
    at a real movie theater.
    Isn't that just like their Daddy
    to do something fun for his family
    on "his" birthday! They are blessed.

  3. Grammy - the noodles are made of cornstarch and they stick together with just a bit of moisture. We used a sponge to moisten them - the Storyteller is looking forward to watching his fort 'go down the drain' when he is done with it - they dissolve! They are the same material as the 'environmentally friendly' packing peanuts. So I guess it isn't for sale!


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