Sunday, May 4, 2008

Another curve in the road

Our Historian is fighting an 'infection of unknown origin' but seems to be responding well to the antibiotics. He has been resting since Thursday afternoon, pestered with a fever and exhaustion, but no other symptoms. We went ahead with the party since he didn't seem to be experiencing something that would be highly contagious. I really missed his help preparing for the a party, but thankfully the children pitched in and were really a blessing, only getting side tracked one or two dozen times! The Historian actually vacuumed for me - one room at a time with sweat pouring down his face, but he did it. Talk about dedication! He had a cool bath and went right to sleep again when it was all done! Our home is nicely divided into 'private and public', so it was easy for him to remain in our room for the party - with a few check-in's from me. We took him to the after hours clinic yesterday and now he seems to be making some improvement. The Storyteller has been praying too, so I know that God is at work even in this!

The party was a great success, I think. I forgot to take a picture of the counters laden with food, but it all turned out pretty nicely. I liked the pink and green theme that our Dreamer chose - very fresh and pretty. Since I had to stay close to home and take care of The Historian, I wasn't able to get out for some last minute things, so I adjusted the menu and robbed the garden of flowers for our bouquets. The rains have pretty much finished them now, and the peonies are not yet blooming, so the timing was perfect - I grabbed the last of the tulips, some boxwood, fern fronds, vinca, and some dwarf iris. I really must remember to plant some lilac bushes this year so that we have some blooms for next year. Also on my list for next year - more Angelique tulips - they really make my heart sing!

I do hope you are having a blessed Lord's day. Our children awakened with a real sense of anticipation this morning because they had been 'on restriction' since Wednesday, having lost their privileges in a fit of really poor behavior. It made me think of my own attitude towards a fresh new week, and how I often forget to appreciate the blessing of a new beginning each Sunday morning.

Joy to you!

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  1. I'm glad your husband is starting to improve...poor guy! It sounds like the party was lovely, your bouquets must have been beautiful!

  2. So glad your party went well, but I'm sorry that sickness is still dragging on at your house! Pink and green theme sounds lovely -- my favorite color combination!!

  3. My that tulip is beautiful!

    I'm on rental property and there is one clump of yellow tulips which I enjoyed last spring and this.

    I'm so glad you came by to my blog!☺


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