Saturday, June 30, 2007

Lady Beautiful

Mrs. U from Making a House a Home has introduced us to her friend Melissa's new blog Lady Beautiful "A place where Christian ladies can trade tips and talks about health and beauty with other Christian women. You are the contributor!"
I think this is a great idea and I will be checking back often for tips! I can use all the help I can get! Sometimes I get so focused on striving toward that inward beauty that I forget that the outside could use a little work too!

My worst struggle is with extremely dry skin - both on my feet and on my hands. My hands are especially rough during the winter months and during gardening and canning season! I just realized that the only season my hands are nice is fall - and that's not even accurate since the cooler weather chaps my hands when I'm hanging out washing!

My homemade solution works to smooth both my hands and my feet, so I thought I'd share it with you! I think I have mentioned it during a post I did about my Saturday Night routine here, but that was ages ago!

Heather's Smooth Hands

sweet almond oil ( or some other pure oil)


liquid hand soap

thick hand lotion

Remove jewelery. Line up all your 'ingredients' and set aside 5 minutes for your self. Place a few drops of oil on each hand and rub all over. Place 1/2 teaspoon of sugar in the palm of one hand and rub all over both hands - this can be messy so I do it over the sink. Don't rub too hard - you'll want some skin left! Squeeze a few drops of liquid hand soap into your palm and rub all over - again - be gentle! Rinse your hands in warm water - pat dry. Apply lotion to your baby smooth hands. I do this Saturday night when I know I'll be shaking hands at church Sunday Morning and don't want to rub folks the wrong way!
If you have a helpful husband, like I do, you can probably request his help with your feet - strong hands seem to make a great difference in removing the rough dry skin on my feet, and it just feels so good to relax while he pampers my piggies!


  1. This sounds like a lovely lotion recipe, Heather! My hands and feet are usually dry too.

  2. Very neat! Have you heard of Sugar body lotion by BeautiControl? I wonder if they are related? haha! It's a really thick lotion that I believe I'll use when I try your "recipe"! I'm going into "town" tomorrow and will pick up some mineral oil for this!

    Thanks, I'm going to blog it after I try it!


  3. Hey Kelli - I hope it works well for you! My feet get down right ugly in the summer - I'm always forgeting to put on my garden clogs befroe I step into the dirt!

    Melissa - I have never heard of Sugar body lotion or BeautiControl - I live a sheltered life cosmetically speaking! I use mostly Kiss My Face products because I love them and they are pretty natural. I like the new Heath and Henry product line at Cracker Barrel too - lots of good ingredients. I like a nice thick Hempola body butter that I get through my hairdresser.

    I avoid all products with harsh chemicals, strong fragrances and anything with petroleum based oils/fragrances/coloring etc. since I don't want fossils on my face!

  4. haha! Oh, I live a quite sheltered life as far as lotions and other cosmetics are concerned. My boyfriend's mom and sisters are always pampering me with these kinds of gifts, I buy none of them for myself :D

  5. Where can I find the right kind of oil for this? I don't have the Almond Oil, what other kind of oil might work that I can easily find? I really want to use this tonight!

  6. Hi Melissa!

    I buy sweet almond oil from a soap maker, but I have used light olive oil, or massage oil - I HATE petroleum products for skin, but I have used baby oil in a pinch too!

    I did my feet last night, and they feel so smooth! Have fun!


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