Wednesday, June 20, 2007

Black Raspberries

While The Dreamer is at camp, we are 'in charge' of the black raspberry patch. This involves trying to keep the robins from eating all the berries before we get to them! They are just 'coming on', so it is a real treat to pick and eat them, as you can see from The Storyteller's face!

As we were popping sun warmed berries into our mouths, The Storyteller asked me to make Queen Schnoodle's Blackberry Pie recipe! We've been listening to Steve Green's The Adventures of Sir Bernard - The Good Knight and learning the 12 Chivalric Virtues. Queen Schnoodle was some fabulous pie maker - she had 1000 pies in her pie pantry - but we didn't get enough berries to make even one! Maybe another day!

We are learning the virtues of Friendliness, Thrift, Loyalty, Obedience, Courtesy, Trustworthiness, Cheerfulness, Bravery, Helpfulness, Kindness, Cleanliness and Reverence in a fun and memorable way. Every time we see one of the virtues in practice, we encourage with 'I think you just showed Courtesy ( or whatever virtue is appropriate) - that's wonderful, Son!' He is really making an effort to remember the virtues and put them into practice - we are not even fighting about toothbrushing anymore, since Cleanliness is one the the virtues. Thank you, Mr. Steve Green!

Did you notice the cape and the Little Dog under the Storyteller's arm - we have been 'playing' Sir Bernard all week!


  1. i was looking at the pic of the storyteller and then looked at it again, and once more .... i think he reminds me of your sister! i was trying to determine if his eyes reminded me more of you or of your sister, and while his eyes do remind me of you, overall he reminds me more of your sister. just thought i'd share my wee observation for whatever it's worth. =)

  2. YUM! Do you have a trick to keep the birds away? Do you put a net over the bushes? Benjamin has a 2 year old bush so the few berries got eaten quickly.

    Your son is so cute and I noticed his cape and little dog right away. I have never heard of the CD you mentioned, it sounds wonderful! I added it to my Amazon wish list. :0)


  3. Nancy - he really looks alot like K's oldest boy too so there must be some resemblance! Everyone here says he looks just like Daddy, so I think he is a wonderful combination.

    Kelli - our secret is pie pans - tin foil ones tied to a string and blowing in the breeze to scare the birds away - but we have not gotten around to putting them up yet! I think the poles got used for sword fighting and I can't seem to find them .... boys!

    Benjamin might just love Sir Bernard too! There is nothing like a chivalrus dog to teach a boy some good character virtues! Today I discovered that there were coloring pages hidden behind the title cover of teh c.d. so we were off to the races coloring Little Dog, the scrappy stray! Too fun! It's is appealing to girls too because of the great music, so I hope you find it in your mailbox soon!


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