Thursday, June 28, 2007

A Sinking Feeling

I really didn't think I could get so very excited about a pair of sinks, but here I am almost giddy with glee - I have two pedestal sinks, properly installed on either side of the tower, and fully functional. We are so close to 'complete'!!! We can almost move back in to our bathroom and vacate the kid's hall bathroom, which will be lovely for all involved!

I had a bit of a sinking feeling when the plumber called me in to see a minor flaw. I decided it was not worth waiting for 3 more weeks for another sink, and he took a magical cloth and applied some elbow grease, and now it really isn't noticeable at all.

The last big piece of the puzzle is our shower door and glass wall - and it could be any day, so they say! I also need to choose mirrors, but can't make up my mind! I think I really like just a simple beveled rectangle best, but there are so many choices! Mirrors can be a real accent, but many of them are made much larger than our space allows.
This project began March 24th, so I am well on my way to winning the Patience Prize for Bathroom Renovation! Of course, if we had to do the work ourselves .... it would never be done! I can also begin to decorate and accessorize - the fun part!
Today we had The Dreamer at the Doctor. She has had a tummy upset accompanied by frequent bathroom visits and fatigue since returning from Camp and we have become concerned. We need to take in a sample to the hospital lab for examination - she could have picked up something in the pond or creek at Camp. I pray that she is feeling more like herself sooner rather than later! We should have some answers soon, and hopefully the appropriate medication will be effective for her. For the most part, she is well, just a little more short with her brother than usual, and really cuddly with her Daddy and I.
I'm off to supervise bubble blowing! Blessings!


  1. Your bathroom looks wonderful! Wow! I love your new sink too! How exciting that it is almost finished.

  2. Since there are two sinks, I don't even have to share! My goodness I am so spoiled!


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