Sunday, October 22, 2006

Saturday Night Routine & Shoe Care

In an effort to make Sunday mornings as smooth and enjoyable as possible, we have attempted to establish a 'Saturday Evening Routine' that works for our family ... when we do it! If we know we are having company or will be out for the day on Saturday, we often do as much of the routine beforehand as possible - even Friday afternoon when necessary! This is how it goes:

The Children:

  • Early supper - no later than 5:30pm - often it is something quick and easy
  • Bath Night - thorough washing, finger and toe nail clipping and ear wax removal, hair trimmed if necessary ( I don't do a great job, but I have a haircut kit on hand and I'm not too dangerous!)
  • Deciding on clothing - making sure everything is washed and ironed - we lay out everything - from the underwear out! Don't forget to pair up the shoes and make sure there are clean jackets for everyone!
  • Finding matching hair barrettes, ribbons, ties, etc.
  • Bibles laid out - memory verses reviewed
  • Children to bed early - usually listening to Mrs. G's Bible stories on tape or quiet music.

My Routine:

  • Preparing or planning a simple Sunday lunch, unless we have company which is a bit more elaborate and requires a bit more preparation!
  • Shoe Shining *
  • Ironing, mending and preparing my clothes, a shirt for The Historian, laying out my Bible and Sunday School Materials
  • Laying out Breakfast - often just muffins or toast, cereal and fruit - and in a pinch, organic toaster pastries, homemade frozen waffles or quick scrambled eggs, but that is rare!
  • My Saturday Beauty Routine - a facial ( I love Kiss My Face), removing any unwanted hair (ouch!), a soothing hot bubble bath, smooth hands treatment and foot treatment (necessary for not ripping those pantihose!)
  • Quiet evening reading or sewing and early to bed - no later than 10pm!

*Shoe Shining:

Does anyone bother to do this any more? I hope so! In my family growing up, it was my dad who always shined up the shoes on Saturday night and he always did a great job! As children we would place our shoes on dad's workbench Saturday night and they would appear on the back stairs ready to put on Sunday morning! Come to think of it, I don't remember ever thanking my dad for this! Sorry dad!I cringe when I see a really nice outfit spoiled by dirty shoes! I know it is just one of my oddities, but I really like presentable shoes! In my opinion, good quality shoes are too expensive not to take good care of. When I went off to Bible School, my dad taught me how to polish shoes and my mom bought me 'the essentials' of a shoe kit. I still have the same basic kit, but have added a couple of things.

The Kit:

  • Polish - I like the small round tins - I keep, tan, brown, black, blue, neutral, and white on hand - follow the directions on the back - the 'let it dry' before polishing part is pretty essential
  • Rags - old towels cut in 10 inch squares work great
  • Gloves - my hands are dry and easily stained - I dislike shaking hands on Sunday with black polish under my nails!
  • Polish Cloths - old diapers or well washed flannel is perfect (no lint!)
  • Extra Shoe Laces in every colour and length
  • Newspaper to cover the counter and wrap the rags in for disposal - please don't try to wash it!
  • Clear nail polish - to cover scuffs on the toes of little shoes after the polish has dried or to rescue a frayed shoe lace
  • A small screw driver - to get into crevises to get rid of dirt which is hard with gloves on!
  • Fantastic! I use very few strong commercial cleaners, but this is what works for running shoes!

Since we wear our 'dress shoes' on Sunday, I always wash our runners Saturday night, knowing that they will be dry by the time we need them for walks Sunday afternoon. I grab the door mat and all the running shoes - yes, even the leather trimmed ones. I spray Fantastic! on the kids shoes and our shoes - I don't bother scrubbing unless they are really bad, but just throw everything into the washing machine - the rug muffles the sound of 'wrestling' in my washer.They do not go into the dryer!!!

They all come out looking wonderful - in fact when I was a pastor's wife I had one dear lady who thought they were paying my husband way too much since our children always had 'new' shoes! Ahem! I never put shoes in the dryer, but loosen the laces and open the tongues as much as possible and leave them in a warm place to dry. I have found that cheap running shoes don't stand up to this treatment each week, but they are not good for our feet anyway! I have never 'worn out' shoes this way, but I do have to remember to take out my orthodics!

That's our little routine. We certainly don't judge others who come to church in everyday or soiled clothing, and we don't put on our best to 'show off' to others - it really isn't a fashion show for our family, we just want to be pleasing to the Lord and give Him honor. Going to God's house to worship Him with other Believers is a blessing. After years of the Sunday morning rush, this routine of preparing our phycial needs ahead of time makes it easier to prepare our hearts for worship. We know of many families who look at each other on Sunday morning and decide then if they are going to church or not. That's not an option for our family! We are not in ministry any more, but we need the ministry of hearing God's Word proclaimed, singing songs of praise and worship, and fellowshipping with likeminded Believers for encouragement and support!

See you in the pew tomorrow!


  1. This is such a great post and so very practical! I *try* to prepare for the Lord's day the night before as well...but I'm not always consistent. But I know that when I make the effort to prepare ahead of time, Sunday mornings always go much more smoothly...and I'm in a much better spiritual frame of mind when I head out the door to church (a good thing for a preacher's wife LOL)!
    Thanks for stopping by my blog and leaving such a nice comment. Your blog is lovely, and I can't wait to read more! Also, I'm adding you to my favorite links!
    Take care and have a great week!

  2. Thank you for sharing your Saturday night routine. I really need to incorporate some of your ideas. It will help make our Sunday mornings smoother!

  3. I'm so glad this was helpful to you both! We don't always follow the plan, but when we do make the effort, we are blessed with a smoother Sunday morning! I know from my growing up, and especially my teen years how 'Spirit squelching' a flustered mom and a horn-honking impatient dad can be on a Sunday morning ride to church, and we desire something different for our family.

  4. A horn-honking dad????

    Now Heather, I'm sure your memory isn't of a Sunday morning with a dad like that. Can it really be so ???

  5. Poppabill (my dad) - you know first hand where I learned 'shave and a hair cut two bits' since you were the one one the other end of the car horn! Thankfully it wasn't every week! You just didn't take as long to 'get beautiful' as us girls!


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