Wednesday, June 20, 2007


I think this is the latest I have ever 'finished' planting for spring - and just in time since summer is beginning! It has been more of a burden than a joy for the first time ever - mostly because it took more energy than I wanted to give. I am sure all the fresh air and exercise has been good for me though, and the quietness and tranquility have been good times for talking with God.
Because I have been so slow, I have been able to take advantage of the great sales, and selection has still been pretty good, so I am hoping that my lateness will turn out alright. Last year, we had wonderful blooms into October so I definitely got my money's worth from those annuals, and all but two of my perennials came through winter well.

I had a virtually empty southern exposure bed 3 1/2 feet wide and 65 feet long! We removed some big overgrown taxus that were ugly and smelled funny and transplanted a hosta to the shady end and moved the peony to the sunny end last summer. The hosta and peony thrived, but looked really lonely! This week my mission was to try to fill in the rest of the bed with a budget of $100. I wanted 80% perennials for longevity and 20% annuals for colour. I bought 30 4" pots and a flat of mixed annuals.

I calculated that I could cover more ground by buying three $3 perennials than one $9 one so that is what I did - now I just have to wait and watch them grow and hopefully spread! And water - we had 1/4 inch of rain but that was the first in 17 days and we need more desperately.

They are all in the ground - and my planting table is cleaned up! I just did my hanging baskets today too while The Storyteller played with Water Works at a table in the shade near me - he had a great time! I gave the hanging baskets a good shot of miracle grow, so hopefully they will fill out and flourish too!
Now, I can tinker and enjoy the garden - a bit of weeding to be sure, but I can move things around and add a plant here and there as I see something I want to try out. The veggie boxes are doing very well - strawberries, green beans, tomatoes, cukes, acorn squash, red peppers, and zucchini, and just a bit of each, so that I don't get overwhelmed at harvest! If I have extra energy we'll hit the farm markets!
And now to sleep, perchance to dream .... of flowers!


  1. It looks beautiful!!! The outcome of working in our yards is always so rewarding!

  2. I really love how exciting it is to plant a garden and see what happens. I'm sure everything will look beautiful very soon, Heather.

  3. Wonderful! I so love gardens. What a sense of accomplishment seeing life and color sprout and bloom!


  4. FUN FUN FUN!!! I just LOVE getting my hands in the dirt!! I'm sure your yard is the most beautiful in the neighborhood!

    Mrs. U

  5. Thank you all for your kind comments! Mrs. U - I wish it was true, but our yard is in need of much more tlc - this was just one area that got a boost of color! We have been waiting to do anything with the front yard because it will be torn up for sewer and water one of these days ...
    Many of our neighbours have professional landscapers who come twice a week and manicure the grounds - we don't even try to compete with that!
    PTL - we have had some delightful rains so everything is getting a fine start in the ground!

  6. Just beautiful, Heather! Everything is so lush and green!

  7. Heather, I hope all your new plants are growing well for you. I liked your idea of of the 80-20 mix of perennials and annuals. Hope you will be sharing a picture.

    Thank you for the comments on our new landscaping. I'm still sore! LOL


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