Wednesday, June 6, 2007

A Tower!

Just when I thought nothing was going to happen with the bathroom this week, the tower was delivered and installed! Yeah! Yeah! Yeah! It is just what we ordered - and it is well made and practical - and I'm so pleased! It has top shelves, two drawers, and a cupboard space at the bottom! It will hold lots of extra toilet paper, linens and other bathroom gear. We should have a glass shower stall enclosure soon, and the tub is almost functional again - we opted to keep our old one since it is in pretty good shape!

Now, about the towels! I need advice here since I seem to have a terrible poor track record when it comes to selecting towels! They need to be absorbant and my husband likes the bath sheet size, but I don't want to pay $40 a towel! Any suggestions? The last few towels I have brought home we not absorbant and that just won't due!

Thank you for your help with my question Mrs. Pea! I now know how to strike out my words! Do you think I'll ever remember?

Tomorrow promises to be hot and humid, so I'm praying I won't wilt at Vacation Bible School! Today we ran an errand after VBS and tomorrow we will work to get Daddy and The Storyteller ready to go to kiddies camp for 2 days! Always so much to do!


  1. Yay about your tower! It sounds like it will be nice and useful in the bathroom.

    I know what you mean about not wanting to spend a fortune on bathtowels...they are so expensive!! I have found nice ones at Target and also Linens and Things. I think I payed 10-15 dollars and they are nice and big. Good luck with your search.

    Have fun at VBS. We always have ours in July and it's so HOT!


  2. VBS is going great - it isn't too hot since it is in the morning - today was warm and humid, but not until after we were finished, thankfully! I don't usually get to Target, but I will check Linens and Things for towels - it is finally all coming together! Yeah!


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