Monday, June 4, 2007

Our Dreamy Ballerina

The Dreamer is still very unsure of herself in ballet and watches the other dancers for direction. She hasn't a good memory and so putting the steps with the music is somewhat of a challenge, but she has a wonderful, understanding teacher, and a dear friend to take class with and so she just loves ballet.

Mommy is no hairdresser, so this up-do was a bit of a challenge! Thankfully she was really pleased with it! I know many of the other girls had their hair done at a salon, but I think simplicity is best, and it just sets an expectation for the future that I am not wanting to begin just yet. We're still working on the inward beauty!

Daddy's gift - some sweetly scented carnations and baby's breath! He made his sweet girl one very proud and happy young lady! She whispered in my ear ' Mommy - I feel so blessed!'

We feel so blessed to have our Dreamer!


  1. What a sweet ballerina you have, Heather! You did a wonderful job on the pretty! What a wonderful gift from Daddy too!


  2. HeffalumpJune 05, 2007

    When I saw my dollie-dot 's pic I nearly popped all the buttons off the front of my shirt.

    What a beauty.

    Love Ya Sweet Girl

  3. Thanks Kelli! I didn't know what to do because just two weeks before recital I had a brain gap when we were at the hair dressers and let Dreamer get bangs cut! Twisting them up was my only solution.

  4. She looks so beautiful!! And what a lovely hairdo!! It looks so pretty on your ballerina!!

    Mrs. U

  5. So pretty...My little girl would love having all those flowers in her hair...


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