Monday, June 25, 2007

Stuck with pink....

I thought I was going to be stuck with pink forever! I have been trying to make minor changes to my template for a few weeks - on and off in quiet moments, but for some reason I could never save my changes and it always reverted back to pink. I do like pink very much, but thought it was time for a change. I found some help with Blogging Basics 101 and Color Schemer and even made a list of hex codes for the colors I was looking for, but could not seem to make changes until today!

Ta-da! I don't know why it is working now or even when I made these particular color choices, but at least it is a change!'s green hue choices are pretty bright and yellowish, and I am definitely a creamy and sage kind of gal, so I hope it meets with your approval! I'm still looking at foolproof photo editing software that is inexpensive so that I can play around with my header a bit too, but that is on the 'one of these days' list, pushed back by the imperatives!

I hope you are having a blessed day! The Dreamer is still very tired from her camp experience, but she and her brother are having the best of time playing Playmobil with each other! Absence makes the heart grow fonder ... for a time!

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  1. I think the pink is lovely, Heather! Very easy on the eyes. I'm glad your daughter is getting rested up and having fun with her brother!


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