Thursday, June 28, 2007

The Window

Just another view of the bathroom - our new window! It's so nice to have a window that opens and lets in fresh air and sunshine! I plan on a hot bubble bath with candles on the first full moonlit night ...


  1. Aww..what a beautiful window!! I like the sounds of a bubble bath on a moon lit night!

  2. Our yard is well sheltered with trees so I always feel like I am in my own little hidden pond when I am in the tub - we had a window before but it was just one straight pane of cold, drafty, boring glass, so this is quite a change! I'm glad you like it too!

  3. That is such a beautiful window--a real tribute to your love of beauty.

  4. Thank you Linda!

    The window building company built it wrong the first time because they had never had a request for this particular configuration - usually it is the tall window in the middle with the two shorter windows even at the bottom - I'm just an upside down kind of gal I guess!


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