Wednesday, June 20, 2007

Beat The Timer

Yesterday I played 'Beat the Timer' all day. These are some of the things I can accomplish in 15 minutes:

  • fold and put away a load of wash

  • hang out a load of laundry

  • iron 7 men's short sleeved shirts

  • iron 5 logo tee shirts - without smearing the logo this time!

  • piece the top of a doll quilt

  • sort a stack of mail and papers

  • tidy one closet

  • tidy one shelf on the Dreamer's bookshelf

  • make a new 'mattress and pillow' for doll cradle

  • plant 6 perennials

  • weed a small patch of juga

  • stack and 'stitch in the ditch' one doll quilt

  • decorative stitch said doll quilt

  • bind and finish same doll quilt

  • finish 1 patio chair cushion by handsewing the seat and back together - 6 more to go (at last!)

  • iron 12 shirts and shorts for The Storyteller

  • download pictures from camera

  • clean off a small patch of countertop

  • read a Bernstein Bear book to our boy
  • race a remote control Hummer all over the driveway with our boy
  • pluck my eyebrows - ouch!

I also prepared a turkey breast and stuck it in the oven for dinner - we don't usually have Tuesday night turkey, but The Storyteller put the frozen on sale turkey breast in the Grammy Flat fridge instead of the freezer - thankfully I discovered it and it didn't go to waste! It will make for some easy lunches and luscious leftovers!

I gave myself the fun breaks of sewing between the other jobs, but it was fun to see just how much I can get done playing Beat the Timer! My house still looks like a whirlwind went through, but I am making progress! I am thanking God for more energy this week than I had last week! He gives strength to the weary!


  1. Congrats on a super productive day!!! Gotta love those~

    Jen =D

  2. Wow! You accomplished so much! I really like the idea of using a 15 minute timer to keep motivated. The doll quilt is so sweet!

  3. Thanks Kelli - of course I didn't get nearly as much done today - resting up!

    I am hoping our Dreamer will like Lula's Quilt - it was fun, fast and easy - and didn't cost a penny! I 'cheated and rou8nded the corners since mitering takes so long - I am no quilter~ but this was my kind of scrappy strip pieced quilt! Most of the fabrics were from dresses I made for Dreamer so it was a lovely trip down memory lane too!

  4. Jen - I don't have a lot of super productive days, but when I feel good I really try to get things crossed off my list! Thanks for dropping by!

  5. I love to do this as well! You got a lot done today!

  6. SEVEN men's shirts--that's like two minutes a shirt--I'm well impressed! Great work!

  7. Lisa - no need to be impressed with my ironing speed - they were easy! We are an 'almost' all cotton family because of allergies, so I dampen the shirts and roll them up and put them in a bag for 10 minutes - they iron very quickly than!


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