Sunday, June 24, 2007

Dreamer's Return!

Our sweet Dreamer is home from camp and she is exausted! She had a wonderful time and made friends more easily this summer than last - her counsellor from last summer was impressed with the maturity she noted. The Dreamer learned a number of great new songs, and an overview of the New Testament in hand motions. She made some really interesting crafts and spent a lot of time exploring the creek. She stayed up really late and got up really early and she thinks she needs to sleep for a week, but we are off to church this morning instead! She can have a nap later!

It is really good to have her home - we all missed her! We prayed for her daily, and often the Lord would bring her to mind. I spent 5 hours deep cleaning her room on Thursday - washing walls, scouring her bathroom, finding the floor in her closet, sorting her clothing and ironing her starched curtains. She has some toys she needs to sort and go through - way too many toys!

Our hope in sending her to our church camp was that her time away from our family would allow her to have some freedom in a safe envoirnment, to learn some responsibility, and give her the opportunity to see a bit about how other children are growing up. Our prayer is that these experiences will help her to see God as her own personal Father, and to help make her faith real to her in different circumstances. I look forward to seeing how God has used her camp experience to draw her closer to Himself!

And now, as much as I'd rather not .... it is time to delve into the mysteries of the laundry bag!!! Strange and suspicious odors none the less, I must see what can be salvaged and cut up the rest for the rag bag! Thank goodness for the sanitize cycle and Mrs. Meyer's lavender laundry soap!

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