Thursday, June 14, 2007

Teachable Moments

Tonight we took our family walk through an unfamiliar cemetery and enjoyed the fresh, cool, quietness of the evening together. We often walk through cemeteries, and in fact one of our first 'dates' was a walk through The Historian's favorite cemetery. Some think it is an odd past time, but we've always found it peaceful. I would recommend it as a way to dispel the natural fears some children have about cemeteries. Our children have never been afraid and it often makes for some wonderful teachable moments.

We enjoy reading the headstones and have challenged the children to find evidence of faithful Christian men and women who have left a testimony to their faith in God on their stone marker. They love to find the Christian fish symbol or icthus <>< , the IHS or In His Service symbol, Scripture references or whole passages, or the symbol of the Cross. This evening we found a headstone that said "MOTHER - Asleep in Jesus", and that lead to a discussion of the second coming of Jesus Christ.

As we were walking, it struck me how awful it would be to be an unbelieving cemetery caretaker, calming going about my business, tending the grounds on that Great Day when the trumpet of the Lord sounds and the dead in Christ are raised. I shared this with the children, and while I don't think they fully understood, they ran off holding hands talking to each other about sharing Christ with their friends so that they would never go through the fright of being left behind. A teachable moment and the time to make the most of it!
Thank you Lord!


  1. What a wonderful teachable moment, Heather!! Phillip has wanted to take me to the oldest cemetery in our city for awhile now. I'll have to remind him. He took some wonderful pictures of the gravestones.


  2. I'm sure they would love it! We have made 'big' black crayons by melting down bits and pieces in tin tart pans and letting them harden - that and a big piece of paper and you can do some 'rubbings' of your favorite stones. I would suggest asking permission, first though since some cemetery's have strict rules.
    We have read some really funny ones, some sad ones and a few that just left us puzzled. Have fun!

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  4. I think thats really nice to share with your kids.

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  6. I'm getting some interesting comments here ... time to do some more housekeeping!


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