Monday, June 4, 2007

Cloud Bursts

Today was an odd day. When we lived in up north 'they' said, "If you don't like the weather, just wait ten minutes, it will change." That would just about describe today to a 't', I'd say. The good news is we have received some much needed rain and my gardens are quite happy. The weeds are thriving like I've never seen them thrive! Flowers are doing pretty well too!

This morning our church's Vacation Bible School began, and I was there as a craft helper. It was great fun, but I discovered that many children do not know how to tie knots - even the most basic knot! I blame it on Velcro running shoes and slip-on clogs! My kids have always driven me crazy tying knots in every imaginable place - for months on end my bathrobe belt was tied here and there around the house! They use ribbon, string, yarn, jute, and belts to tie up loose ends all over the house, so I was mildly shocked that this isn't a common skill. Many of the children were unable to string beads either, and these were grade 1 and 2 students, so that was a surprise. It was a fun morning, but tiring for me.

Our theme this morning was 'God is real', and when I asked the children about their understanding of our theme, many thought He is real, 'like Santa and the Easter Bunny'. Whoa, there! Many of these kids are regulars at Sunday School and AWANA, but obviously the teaching they are getting is inadequate, or it is not being re-enforced at home. It saddened my heart, but I wasn't surprised. This confusion is precisely the reason that we chose not to allow anything but the Truth of the Birth and Death of Jesus Christ, Son of God, be part of our family celebrations of Christmas and Resurrection Sunday.

On another note, we received some encouragement from The Storyteller's swim teacher tonight - he is making great improvement! This is his second session of Pollywogs at the YMCA, so we are happy that he is moving forward. Must be all that beach time with Poppa and Grammy!

Now you'll wonder what business I had taking the poor boy to swimming lessons at all when I tell you the shape he is in. He came home with a bit of the 'swimmers itch', most likely because he poured 'Seagull Soup' over himself the last day he was at the beach. His rash was fast fading and it really didn't faze him, but Saturday night he was awake with an ear ache for hours, and Sunday night he had a red spotty rash all over his back, was stuffed up and grumpy. Poor boy!

Hydro cortozone cream calmed the rash, which we are sure is the result of rolling wet on our grass after running through the sprinkler with sister, but he is still slightly spotty. He is not troubled with any ear pain now either, so that is good. He didn't go to VBS this morning, but hopes to go tomorrow.

So, why were we off to swimming lessons? He missed 2 lessons and was begging to go, and since he isn't contagious, and the pool chlorine really helped this kind of skin irritation before, I gave in. We protected his ears and dried him off thoroughly. I'll be kicking myself at 4 am if he awakens with another earache! I'm praying he will be much improved in the morning!

On the bathroom front, another sort of 'cloud burst' in the form of more waiting. Our sinks have not come in - apparently we picked a really popular model and they didn't anticipate the demand .... blah, blah, blah! Three more weeks! I was so excited about last week's progress and now we are at a standstill again! I thought my patience lesson was almost finished!

So that is life around our home these days - this week it is VBS mornings, chores and light school work in the afternoons and a nap for the Mommy!

Maybe a bit of weed pulling and another visit to the garden center or two - I figure if I fill the space up with flowers there won't be any room for weeds! Right?

Thank you, Lord for cloud bursts!


  1. It sounds like you are having a busy week. I'm doing crafts at our VBS this year and I'm familiar with the knot problems. Last year the lady in charge said no string crafts! LOL We had simple bead necklaces to make and it was a mess trying to get them all done!
    Sorry to hear about your sink, hopefully the 3 weeks will go by quickly!

  2. Heather, you have some patience to take part in VBS. So glad you have both your little ones home again. Praying for your health and homeschool situations, Heather.

  3. Goodness, y'all are BUSY!!! Our VBS is this week, too, but I'm not too involved this year because Elizabeth is so small. We just go around and peek in on what all the groups are doing and then we come home so she can still take her bath at 8 PM (our VBS is at night).

    Interesting about children not being able to tie knots!! I am so glad that you mentioned this!! I will definitely make sure that Elizabeth can tie knots. It reminds me of children not being able to tell time on a regular clock because so many people us digital nowadays.

    Mrs. U


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