Thursday, December 28, 2006

'Now, That's A Keeper!'

I've been picking out recipes for January.
I like to start the new year with a month of new recipes and my family has begun to look forward to this family tradition! They didn't always, but 'as we grow, our tastes mature', or so The Dreamer informed me yesterday!

My goal is to try two new 'main dishes' and at least one new soup and sweet treat or dessert each week of January. I like knowing that at the end of the month we will have a few new 'favorites' to add to the menu list. It helps with ' meal fatigue' and keeps my interest in making new things for the family alive.

Sometimes we have tried recipes that are so terrible that we end up calling for PIZZA, but most often I am able to look at a recipe and figure out if we will like it or not. If we all like the recipe my husband proclaims 'Now, that's a keeper' and I add it to my monthly menu list.

My criteria for a new main dish recipe is simple. I like to make everything from scratch - no boxes of stuffing mixes, canned sauce mix or refrigerated biscuits, but I do use some simple home canned ingredients, like tomatoes. I need to be able to make it in about half an hour (preparation time, not cooking time!), and if I can make a second dish for the freezer, I am a very happy woman indeed! We have pretty simple tastes and try to keep our main courses somewhat healthy!

Would anyone else be interested in trying new recipes with me this month, or sharing new recipes that we might all like to try? I am finding my blogging friends to be a wonderful source of new recipes!

I have scheduled new recipes for Tuesday and Saturday for this January since those nights work best for us! If you would like to join me, just let me know and we can support and encourage one another! If our family finds 'a keeper' I'll post the recipe and source here!

Let the recipe search begin!


  1. I think that I would like to give it a try. Perhaps singer would like to try some new things as well. Of course I am not near as organized as you are, and will have to look for some recipes.

  2. I love everything that I get out of the Betty Crocker cookbook. I think that everything I have ever made out of it has been a "keeper" and has not been difficult.

  3. Heather, I LOVE this idea! I was just thinking about how unmotivated I feel to think of a menu and grocery list for next week but trying out some new recipes sounds like the perfect cure! I am looking foward to this very much!

  4. I will be sure to post a couple of recipes this month to since I am on the hunt for some new ones--I feel like I am in a bit of a rut at dinner time these days!

  5. I would love to participate in this. :o)

  6. I'll be checking back! I love trying new recipes, and have been doing it often for the last couple of months.


  7. I love trying new things and learning a little more about cooking & bakeing. I posted about a recipe for corned beef and cabbage on my blog today. It was good and it was easy since I used my slow cooker.


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