Tuesday, December 5, 2006

Advent Garland

I was trying to describe my Advent Garland to my mom, so I thought I'd post a picture since I know she is a faithful reader. I have not been feeling very well, so I didn't get it up by the first of December, but that's o.k.! By after dinner tonight we will be all 'caught up'.

During the summer I saw a deeply discounted Playmobil Nativity set which I immediately snatched up and hid from unsuspecting little eyes! We are big big Playmobil fans and I knew it would be a 'hit' in our family! A friend told me about a meaningful Advent celebration that she did with her children a few Christmases ago involving a study of the Names of God. Those were my inspirations!

Using 'the glorious names of God' by Mary Foxwell Loeks, I made cards with a very simplified version of her devotionals - 25 in all, along with a corresponding Scripture reference. I quickly rubber stamped the cards with various Christmas symbols and placed them, along with one piece from the Nativity Set in envelopes that I had cut to fit and hole punched. I strung them in order on ribbon and hung them up. Simple!

So far we have learned about Alpha, Omega, Adonai ( Lord, Master), and Jehovah Tsidkenu (The Lord who is our Righteousness), and have uncovered a baby lamb, a golden challis, a silver trunk and an incense box. I am afraid that they are just too smart because they have already guessed that the treasures are the Magi's gifts for the Christ Child. My non-commital 'we'll just have to wait and see' has not dissuaded them from their conviction.

So that's it! I went with a 'snow in the woodlands' theme on the mantle, recycling things I have used in other places at other times. Everything is just placed there and not hot glued since I'll likely take the same elements and use them in different places next year. Our fireplace lends itself to rustic rather than elegant and since it is in the family room, it is more fitting. When The Historian saw the mantle he was very pleased, and the children thought it was beautiful, so I'm happy. I think it needs something taller between the tall birdhouses, but I have not come across the 'perfect' thing yet .... still 9 more boxes to unpack though! Slowly is the key, since I am struggling with a heavy chest cold now.


  1. Hi Heather, I'm sorry to hear you aren't feeling well. Gentle (((HUGS))) and prayers coming your way. Your fireplace is just beautiful! I love the advent garland and the birdhouses along the top are so sweet!! It all looks very cozy and Christmasy!

  2. Wonderful job Heather.

    Love what you have done to the fireplace.

    And all done while you are feeling so very stuffed up, coughing, and tight chest cold.


  3. My daughter planned to get the little people nativity this year. I haven't asked her if she did. I looked at it online and thought it was very cute, just perfect for little guys and girls.

  4. Bridget, Your mantel is beautiful.
    Don't add another thing!
    The clock gives it the height.
    You are so creative..an inspiration!

  5. Thank you for all your kind comments! I am still feeling pretty ill, so your encouragement is a real blessing!

  6. By the way - only my mom can call me Bridget and get away with it ....
    Hi Bunky! I miss you!


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