Wednesday, December 13, 2006

Soother Sacs

This afternoon, The Dreamer and I went into 'Soother Sac' production. These simple sacs of wheat and dried lavender have been so helpful to our family for aches and pains, so I like to keep a few in my 'gift drawer' to give to others.

We made 8 all together, but two were 'claimed' by my helper for her and her brother, and one perished with a slip of the scissors - the Dreamer felt badly, but I think she'll be more careful snipping threads in the future. We reused the lavender and wheat.

This pattern is so simple - finding dried lavender at a reasonable price was my biggest hurdle. I once made 80 of these and sold them at a craft fair to earn money for The Dreamer's adoption costs. It is a basic fabric tube, about 5 inches by 25 inches finished size, filled with a lavender and wheat berry mixture, and sewn at 5 inch intervals to keep the contents in place. I fold the sacs and tie them with a pretty ribbon for gift giving, and attach a tag.

This is what the tag says:

Lavender and Wheat Berries
Soother Sac
Heat in microwave on medium for 2 minutes.
Do not overheat - contents are flammable!
Use your Soother Sac to bring comfort to tired, achy muscles,
a stiff neck, cold feet or hands, back pain, growing pains,
and to soothe youngsters with colic or difficulty sleeping.
Use caution especially when using for children since
contents can get very hot and may burn skin.
Check temperature carefully.

EDITED: January 2010

Need more specifics to make your own? Well ...

I cut two strips of good cotton fabric 25 1/2" x 5 1/2" and iron a 1/4 inch hem on one short end of each piece of fabric. I sew 3/4 away around the rectangle, right sides together, turn right side out and press to make a basic tube. I iron a sharp crease every 5 inches as a sewing guide, than fill. I use a generous 3/4 cup per section - so 3 3/4 - 4 cups all together. I use a 3:1 ratio wheat berries to lavender - but I have used less lavender when I was running out and it was fine. Fill, sew, fill, sew, fill, sew, fill, until the last and than sew the turned under edges together and clip threads. I like to fold it up in fifths and add a ribbon and tag - you can copy and edit the 'tag' message from my blog if you like. I use my canning funnel and a dry measure cup (not plastic since static causes the lavender to stick) to fill since the berries tend to have a mind of their own!


  1. Heather, they are so beautiful, what a wonderful gift!!! I'll bet the wheat holds the heat very nicely and the lavender smells wonderful of course! I'm going to keep these in mind for next years Christmas gifts!

  2. Lovely! I'll bet they smell wonderful! I want to make these - thanks for the instructions.


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