Saturday, December 9, 2006

Cookie Making Day

Yesterday afternoon we hosted our Homeschool Christmas Cookie Making Day. We had 11 kids and 4 moms and we made about 22 dozen cookies in just over 3 hours. Whew!

It was a bit crazy, but a whole lot of fun! I asked the families to bring a pound of butter and to wear aprons. This year I made the dough in the morning because last year we ran out of time trying to make it with the kids.

I used 10 pounds of butter to make a double batch each of Spritz, Chocolate Spritz, Ginger Crinkles, Rolled Sugar Cookies, and Cherry Flips.

The moms were a huge help - I could not have done it without them! We divided the children into three groups and had them rotating through three areas. I provided shirt boxes, gift bags, cello bags, pretty tissue, tags, stickers, ribbon, trims and markers, glue sticks etc. at the kitchen table. They made really cute creative containers to take their cookies home in.

One counter area was set up for decorating cut out cookies and rolling ball cookies, and the third area was dedicated to sugar cookie cut outs. I had the oven in the Grammy Flat and our kitchen oven going. We used two timers, but couldn't always hear it for the din! Miraculously, no cookies were burnt.

It was a fun time - a bit loud at times, but fun. We finally sent them out into the yard to burn off some energy! They packed their boxes and sampled cookies along with some juice. Everyone went home with lots of cookies and they even left a few for us. All in all, a success, I think! Now, I need to get baking some cookies for our family!

Now, I must ask this all important question. What is the appeal of raw cookie dough? As a girl, my mother cautioned me strongly that getting in the habit of eating raw cookie dough was not healthy. Mum said it was the 'height of impatience' and would certainly make for a 'plump' cook! Since I cannot tolerate raw eggs, I have always avoided it. Yesterday the other moms admitted to enjoying eating raw dough! We would have had at least three more dozen cookies if the kids and moms had not 'snacked' before baking! They were teasing me terribly, but really, the thought of raw dough is most unappealing to me! Where do you weigh in on the raw dough debate? I felt as though I was in the overwhelming minority yesterday!


  1. Wow!!! What a fun and productive day you had!! I can imagine how happy everyone was to take home all their cookies in the pretty boxes!
    About the cookie dough.....I give my kids one small spoonful of dough each. I can't imagine eating a bunch of it at a baking party. No way. My husband prefers the dough over the baked cookies. He'll even eat it frozen. I do get a little grumpy if I make a batch of cookies and he eats a bunch of it raw so I usually wait until he's at work. He suffers through eating the cooked ones. ;0)

  2. That sounds like an awesome time! How fun to have a day baking cookies with other homeschool families! I can't imagine that many dozen of cookies! --I think it was my Mom who would caution me when I was younger that if you ate cookie dough it would give you worms! lol... It was her way of keeping us out of the dough. It did the trick, her fib still has me thinking about her statement every time I eat a bite!

  3. Because of the danger of eating raw eggs I was always cautioned against eating raw cookie dough and was not allowed to. However, my feelings on raw cookie dough can be summed up in one word --"YUM"

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