Saturday, December 16, 2006

Apple Sauce & Sanity

Our home is peaceful and restful this afternoon. The Historian is home, squirreled away in his office, working on a message to preach tomorrow at a church that is currently without a Pastor. I feel badly for this small church family there since the Christmas season is often a hard time to be without a Pastor. They have not found a regular interum, so The Historian has been asked for a number of Sundays. We have made a commitment that when the opportunity to preach comes, he will take it, as he is able.

Once again, the children and I will probably have 'mini-home Sunday School' tomorrow, since there is much evidence of 'germiness' - we are running out of tissue! This makes things relaxed for me today since I am not worried about preparing our clothes and shoes for the morning. I will prepare a brief lesson for them though, and a craft. Thankfully, I have a big selection of materials to choose from, since I have a lot of Sunday School teacher experience!

We are doing a bit of cleaning, making a big batch of apple sauce and reading! There is bright sunshine outside, pleasant music inside, and the wonderful aroma of apples and cinnamon. The children are playing nicely with one another - setting up 'Christmas Town' with The Storyteller's GeoTrax. We rotate toys and today was the day to pack up the Knights and their kingdom and get out another selection. With the promise of a batting for a snowy land and 'real' pretend snowflakes ( I may regret this as I vacuum it up from all over the house!!!!), the train set made the most logical choice! We only wish there were people to go with this set!

After another week of sickness and stress in our house, I am blessed to be enjoying this day. I know I have a long list of 'shoulds' that may accuse me of 'slacking off' later, but I needed today for sanity's sake. My heavenly Father knows what I need so much better than I! I hope you are having a blessed day too!


  1. What a lovely picture, Heather! It is so nice to be able to put a face with your name now!

  2. My mom thinks it doesn't look a bit like me, but thanks for the compliment anyway! I will try to take one more to her liking another time - right now I am full of a cold again and look very tired and blotchy! Ah well!


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