Thursday, December 28, 2006

Quiet Rest

I love the week between Christmas and the New Year - it is a time to spend together and enjoy the gifts we have received, a time for a bit of straightening and organizing, reading new books and playing games. We had planned to go to my parents home for a visit - just the children and I, so we would have spent two days on the road. Since we are staying home to support The Historian in his hour of need, we are enjoying the quiet days at home.

Just a quick update on The Historian; his doctor believes it is kidney stones. He is managing the pain with over the counter medication for now, but the pain is increasing. We don't have the x-ray results yet, but he has all the classic symptoms. He is not able to work, but not enjoying his time at home either since he goes from resting with the soother sac to hot baths and back to resting. He has many books he would love to be reading, but can't concentrate on the words. He isn't grumpy, but he also isn't looking forward to the forthcoming increase in pain. This would probably be a good time for cable t.v., but since we don't watch it much at all, we don't have it.

I am quietly keeping busy while the children are playing inside and outside. I have been wanting to transfer my dry goods to glass containers. After storing them for many years in plasticware, I recently read an article about how unwise this is. I received some nice glass jars for Christmas and have been washing them up, making labels and doing the transfer. I also made 6 more Soother Sac's this afternoon - two for my gift drawer and four for a friend who loved the ones I gave their family so much they want to give them to other family members! I've been reading a bit in the evenings and have done some planning for the new year. Nothing very exciting, but that's fine. We are not getting complete restful night's sleep, so it good to be under no time pressures, and to relax when needed. I hope you are enjoying this week too!


  1. Heather, your quiet week sounds very restful. I am sorry to hear about your husband's pain. I will continue to keep him in my prayers. Our days since Christmas have been quiet too...lots of playing with the new presents. :0)

  2. I was looking forward to seeing you when you came to visit your parents == but we can enjoy a visit another time. In the meanwhile we can "visit" online. I am praying for your husband -- and the rest of the family too.


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