Thursday, December 7, 2006


We awakened this morning to a slight smattering of snow which we were optimistically calling 'flurries'! The children were elated and began to get out their snowsuits before they were even out of p.j.'s! We had an appointment at the orthodontist, schoolwork, lunch and room tidying on the schedule today so when they finally did get out to play they were overjoyed! Now they are praying for more! more! more!

"Poppa and Grammy might send some of their snow to our house since they are too rusty to play in it much these days!" said The Storyteller, hopefully!

Poppa and Grammy live in Ontario, Canada and they get a lot more snow than we do here in our little corner of the Midwest! Hopefully when we go for a visit after Christmas, we will get to play in the real deep snow there!


  1. The children just may get their wish as according to the Weather Network our hometown just may be the snowiest city in Canada right now!!

    As for me, I'm off to buy good winter boots (probably Sorrels) so I can play in the snow with my daughter!

  2. Just you wait till you get here for your after-Christmas visit. Unless we get some serious hot (like car washing weather) in the next few days, we have lotsa snow for the children to enjoy.

    And storyteller, we are NEVER too rusty to enjoy the snow. At least your Poppa isn't.

    Happy to see you are enjoying the digital camera Heather. We are enjoying the results.


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