Thursday, December 7, 2006

Sweet Bread

Last night, just as the children were expected home from AWANA with their Daddy, I pulled two pans of Chelsea Buns out of the oven. We enjoyed them for before bed snack and packaged the rest. I was fully expecting to share some with Mr. Neighbour through the Cookie Path, but before I had the chance today to get them over to him, there they were .... gone! A keen observer of all things yummy, The Dreamer stated 'You'll need to make a double batch of those if you want to have any left to share Mommy!'. I guess we need to work a little more on sharing with others!


  1. Recipe, please - those look delicious!

  2. YUM! I'd love the recipe too, Heather! They look delicious with all these pecans on top! Too bad you can't send one right through the internet..hehe.

  3. Looks yummy Heather!
    I do hope that you will share the recipe!


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