Sunday, December 10, 2006

Twinkle Police

I am so glad to be feeling a great deal better, though not quite 100% yet. Today we were able to get out and put up some outdoor lights! The Historian was very helpful with this illuminating job, but after he was done and plugged them all in, we both started laughing! Now we are on the lookout for the Neighbourhood 'Twinkle Police'!

I honestly don't know how I happened to pick up 'magical twinkling lights' on a great after Christmas sale last year. As I am unpacking the wonderful rubbermaid bins that my dad helped me buy and pack up after Christmas last year, I am realizing how unwell I really was. I don't remember anything I bought for this year - but thankfully I'm finding I like everything, and it has come in handy as I am getting around to putting things up. I'm enjoying the pleasant surprises!

Except for the 'magical twinkling lights'. Hmmm.

We live in a neighbourhood where Christmas ornamentation is taken seriously. While the teams of designers lug crates of new decorations inside the homes, the landscape specialists are busy designing light extravaganzas outdoors. Christmas, for our neighbours is quite a production, one which never ever involves 'magical twinkling lights'.

The fact that our home is modest, and could easily fit in our neighbour's garage makes me sure that they know we are not going to hire a design team to get our home ready for Christmas. We are not alone - there are a few 1950's ranch style homes in a row here, but none are sporting 'magical twinkling lights'.

We are hoping against hope that we are not violating some neighbourhood code!

Since the children have both declared these the most wonderful lights we have ever owned, and since we just don't take ourselves very seriously, we are keeping the lights! They are a bit showy for two quiet folks like us, but hey, maybe we'll set a trend! Who knows?


  1. Glad that you are feeling better and I am also glad that you are keeping your "Magical Twinkling Lights"!

  2. Hi Heather

    I am so very glad to hear you are feeling much better, well enough to get your outdoor decorations up and together. I'm sure it looks so Christmasy and I wouldn't worry what the neighbors think about "twinkle" lights. Enjoy their firefly displays.

    The whipped shortbread are always a hit, and when you put them in your mouth and let them dissolve, they are so great.

    Keep up the great work in whatever it is you are doing to get feeling better.

  3. I'm glad to hear you are feeling better! Your magical twinkling lights sound wonderful! I wouldn't give a second thought as to what the neighbors think, I'll bet they look beautiful!

  4. I wish I could take a video of them - but I haven't learned that function yet - anyway, the lights are so subtle and pretty, I don't think anyone will mind!


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