Wednesday, December 20, 2006

A promise of better things to come!

Grammy with The Dreamer cuddling Peppermint!

I have not been overjoyed with the quality of my close-up digital photography and was determined to learn more about my new camera so that I could do a more credible job. Have I mentioned that the manual was about 4 pages long and essentially told me to insert the battery and have fun? Helpful!

This afternoon I let myself sit for a little while. This is very hard for me to admit since I am the daughter of a wonderful, energetic woman who is very driven and rarely sits. She lives with constant pain but can work rings around me, even now. I was fashioned with a calm and contented personality - I'm afraid if I start sitting, I'll never get up! I'm trying to find a balance in this area - especially since my ongoing health challenges require 'a quantity of daily rest'.

All this to say that while sitting today I discovered the SCN setting on my camera! Wow! No more AUTO only for me! I had no idea there where so many specific settings for digital photography! And on my inexpensive little camera! I am elated! Though I am sure my pictures will not be the quality they would be if my camera were in the hands of my sister, who has been blessed with an amazing eye for photography, I do think these settings will aid me! Maybe if I get used to SCN I'll even venture forth into manual .... maybe! I sure do like the delete feature! I wonder if my Dad is still planning to get 'digital for dummies' for me for Christmas? That might help too!

For all of you who have suffered through my mediocre pictures, thanks for sticking by ... better things are yet to come!


  1. Hi Heather!! I just got a new camera, too!!! Mr. U and our son got it for me for Christmas/birthday. I've wanted this for a WHILE and cannot wait to learn more about my new camera, too!!

    Happy learning!!!

    Mrs. U

  2. It is really fun to learn something new - a bit brain stretching at times, but fun! I just wish ours came with a bit more instruction for use, but I am having a good time trying new things with it!

  3. I was also given a digital camera as an early Christmas present from my parents (all the better to take those Christmas pictures with). I've been experimenting with it as well -- and like you my instruction guide was about as useful. The delete button is a wonderful thing and has made my playing around a lot better. I have to say though I have deleted more pictures than I've kept and I think my poor daughter wonders what has happened to her Mommy -- either that or figures she may have a future somewhere down the line as a runway model (though I've often wondered just how one models runways .....) The editing section on the computer is also a wonderful things and I've been playing around with sepia and black and white as well as portrait settings. OH, and I love being able to remove "red eye" (and all without the help of "Clear Eyes" or Ben Stein -- and as a total aside I keep hearing his voice in my head now calling "Bueller? Bueller?").

  4. Heather, your pictures aren't mediocre at all!! Have fun with your new camera. What a sweet picture of your daughter and her Grammy!
    Wishing you and your family and Blessed and Merry Christmas!

  5. I'm sure you'll have a great time with your camera Nancy - you're cutie pie will soon be making funny faces for the camera like my children do! Now that they know they aren't wasting film it's even worse! Just don't blind the child with that flash too often! She'll be seeing two mommies!

    Thank you Kelli - your blog pictures are always very warm and inviting! I feel like I have much to learn!


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