Saturday, December 2, 2006

Upper Body Workout

A few days ago I decided it was time for my favorite upper body workout - a visit to the library!
I had intended to sit in the quiet alone for one sweet hour and enjoy looking at the books I had selected and then take only my ideas and a few scribbled notes home. Well, maybe one our two would make it home ....
God had other plans. He brought a sweet woman who I used to attend a wonderful Bible Study with into the library for a Divine Appointment. As we talked I could sense that she needed to share her journey with me. I mostly listened, offered a bit of encouragement, and promised to pray for her and her children, as they seek a new place to live. We were both encouraged after our brief visit, and I am glad to have spent my precious quiet time with her. I didn't get even one book perused before it was time to head out to pick up The Dreamer at ballet.
So ... the books came home with me! All 40 pounds ... my upper body workout!
However, I am so glad I brought them all home! The Southern Living Christmas Cookbook has at least ten recipes I'd like to try - I just need to plan a get together! Nell Hill's Christmas at Home is way over the top for our humble dwelling, but I can take a few ideas and scale them to our budget and setting for sure! Pottery Barn Bathrooms just added more confusion to the decisions I soon have to make concerning our upcoming bathroom renovations - there are just so many lovely 'looks' to choose from. Eclectic Style left me wondering once again where does one get a lovely wardrobe for $10 and a dresser for $1 - I am obviously not shopping the right Thrift Stores!, Martha Stewart Living's Holidays had a few good recipes and made me laugh - it reminded me that I live in the real world of home decorating, which for me includes small children and a budget. Household Wisdom had some lovely and practical ideas for the home, and Susan's Branch's Christmas from the Heart of the Home is full of inspiration for a family Christmas celebration.
The best part is that my body needs this time of reading and reflection. I'm tired, and there is nothing nicer than gazing at lovely books, gleaning a few great ideas and resting a weary body. I am not very good at resting, but hopefully, if I get enough rest I will have the strength to actually try the ideas. If not, I can file them for another time in my scrapbook of ideas for the home.


  1. Ooh..more books. :) I actually adore non-fiction books and hope our library has the ones you mention, they sound great! It sounds like you were a wonderful blessing to a friend in need today.

  2. A double blessing!!! Running into a friend AND all those wonderful books to read for FREE!!! What a treat!!!!

    Mrs. U


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