Friday, December 1, 2006

Oh! Christmas Trees!

"Children need Christmas trees, and not artificial ones either. The artificial ones have no fragrance, and some of them play tunes, which is dreadful to think of."

Gladys Talser

I must say, I just couldn't agree more! My search for the right artificial tree for our family lead me to a wonderful florist's shop and garden center near my home last evening. While The Dreamer twirled about a beautiful ballroom learning a bit about ballet and giggling with other happy little girls in pink tights and black leotards, I looked with dismay at artificial trees. After much looking (I had 15 minutes all told!)I found what I thought was the perfect tree. Tall and slim, it would have fit nicely in our front window - but the price took my breath away. I looked longingly at the fresh cut trees lining the garden center area and breathed their natural fragrance, and left - without a tree. Obviously Gladys Talser is not taking into account the possibility of children having allergies, but we must. I am now going to make this a matter of prayer. Which I should have been doing all along ...

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