Wednesday, March 5, 2008

Ice Storm

Yesterday we experienced a terrible ice storm, but I am thankful that we are safe and well. So many are not, and we are praying for their situations. Our yard is littered with branches from our trees, and we experienced a short power failure, but overall, the damage was minimal. Our area is also under water and many roads are closed because of all the water over the roads, so it takes some extra time to get around. Yesterday our detours took us way out of our way, and we were late for piano lessons. Many schools are closed today or under a two hour delay, but the roads seem pretty passable for now. Since it was almost 70F Monday and now we are in the 20's, the weather changes are completely unpredictable. It's hard to know how to dress - layers are essential! The kids are getting tired of putting on clothes - and quite frankly, I could do with a little less laundry. I am really longing for shorts and t-shirt weather - the laundry load is so much lighter!

We are busy getting ready for our special company and really looking forward to their visit. The next few days will be quite busy as we make our preparations, so please don't be surprised if things are quite quiet around here! I'll do my best to get back as I can.

We have started to put the children to bed earlier each night to make up for the time change coming this weekend. It seems to make the transition easier for us all, and with our company coming, they will need to get rested up to keep up with Auntie K, the boys, and Grammy!

Do you remember my free amaryllis bulbs? We have had so much fun with them. The three on the table in just water and marbles are growing wildly. We had to add more marbles to stabilize the whole plant. The water gets horribly stinky, so it is a bit of a chore to change it daily, but as they are just about to reward us with lovely blossoms, it is well worth it!

This one I planted in dirt and surrounded with moss. It has been the first to bloom, and as it sits on my kitchen window sill, it is bringing much pleasure to the daily tasks of washing up and meal preparation.

Do you see how tall and lovely these are? I think we may awaken to the delight of color tomorrow!

For a splash of extra vibrant color, primroses! I was so delighted when my Historian brought these home the other day! I was really needing the encouragement of a touch of spring! I popped them into some thrifted fancy metal pots and now I need to find them a sunny home! They don't get enough light on my kitchen counter, and no doubt they'll get covered in flour as I bake up a storm for our company!


  1. Love the flowers, and your new look to your blog!!!

    My bulbs are progressing -- but some I need to re-pot in different soil -- peat moss isn't working. The ones in the jars are doing the best.

  2. I hope they flourish for you - some of our aren't doing well either, but I'm still hopeful - since they didn't cost anything, it's all 'blessing'!


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