Monday, March 24, 2008

More Mossy Madness

Up close to the mossy madness on our front door.

The full view!

We are looking to replace this door soon - it has been on the list for three years, but always preempted by other more pressing home renovation projects. We were egged at some point between the sale of the house and our move in date, so the bottom of the door is a mess - did you know raw eggs can eat through metal?

Up close to our side door ( family door) mossy madness.

The full view! I have two more wreathes mossed and ready to decorate, and a few odds and scraps that were not nice enough to wreath. I'm thinking of trying to get them to grow in some sandy soil. Later I'll try to get some growing outside too! I'm just loving this moss. It is so soft and green!

Do you see that reflected blue sky? I'm praising God for no rain since it was past time to strip the beds and do lots of laundry! Since our sump pump has been silent, I think I was safe to wash to my hearts content.

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  1. They are just beautiful!!!! I love them!

  2. they are really quite beautiful. to me right now though the blue sky is even more so ... mmmmmmm a view with NO snow! delightful.

    i had not idea that raw egg could eat through metal, but i did know that silly string can mark up brick quite well. years ago when my youngest sister was in high school some friends of my sister's decided to silly string the house as a joke on her ..... made quite the interesting mess. nice kids though and they helped out with the clean up when the saw what had happened.

    well, sweetpea has stopped decorating the paper i gave her to colour on and is now decorating her little self so i think i'll either step in to stop it or help out ... i haven't decided yet ;)

    under His mercy and grace,
    Nancy H

  3. Oh my goodness, your moss wreaths are gorgeous, Heather! I love how fresh and green they are, the birds are so pretty and the ribbon is just lovely! You did a wonderful job!

  4. Thank you Heather, Nancy and Kelli - I had so much fun! Everything is just pinned on with florist's fern pins - I bought a slew of them thinking I'd have a lot left over, but I used every last pin! I plan to take them apart when I'm tired of them and plant the moss in a sandy shade area in our yard ... if the birds don't get it all first! The roots and dirt are still in tack, so maybe they will grow ... I hope!


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