Friday, March 7, 2008

Picture This!

Do you remember all the fuss I've been making about these silly valances? Of course you don't - and I don't blame you! If you have been following the drama, here is the final installment in the saga - the completed project - our front room! This is the most formal room in our house - it is the ' no shoes, no toys, no food' room - which means that except when it is coated with and inch of dust or littered with books and papers, it always looks presentable! Now, it even looks 'finished' since the valances are completed!

The computer resides in this room, so it is a pleasant place to spend time! Now, enough of the valances - I promise!!!

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  1. Very, very lovely! Looks like a lot of work! I've been putting off making one valance for our living room. I really need to get it done! Thanks for the inspiration! :)

  2. Don't take a page from my book - pick something simple!!! I am glad to have this project done, but it was too time and energy consuming!!!

  3. Gorgeous!!! I love green and your living room looks so nice!!! I'm sure you are so excited to have the valance project completed!

  4. This is gorgeous! I have the same color of paint on my walls in my living room and kitchen! :)

    The valances look lovely!

    Have a wonderful day!

  5. you SHOULD talk about these, they took enough work and you did an awesome job, oh how I wish I could try something like that, they look wonderful and your living room is breathtaking!!!You are so talented....


  6. Hi Heather
    What a beautiful living room - the valances are absolutely gorgeous. You must be so proud of them - you are a very talented lady.
    I have just come across your blog and am looking forward to reading some more.
    Thanks for sharing the pictures.

  7. the room looks beautiful heather. i will appreciate it more later i think because right now what i see most when i look at those pictures is the lack of snow ...... i'm afraid i'm very tired of winter and snow and cold right now.

  8. Heather,
    We don't get tired of hearing about anything you have to say. Your living room looks lovely! I especially love your couch, as my couch and fainting couch have the same floral fabric! I love it! Keep posting and showing us your projects!


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