Friday, March 28, 2008

Track Pants - Day #2

With apologies to Mrs. Fussypants and her tireless effort to 'Fight The Frump' it's day two for track pants! Yuck! I promise not to take my 'frump' out in public! I think I am some better - but it might just be wishful thinking! Our Historian came home early from yesterday afternoon and I went to bed. Sleep is supposed to be the best medicine, right? The Storyteller is complaining of a stuffy nose and sore throat too. This isn't good.

Have I mentioned that our immigration interview is coming up soon - as in this coming Monday? For a bit of background, you might like to read here, but then again .... you might not! It is the reader's digest version of our long and laborious immigration journey. The Historian and the children are not the problem, being U.S. citizens - it's just me! Those dangerous Canadians you know! I guess you really have to watch the polite ones who 'talk funny'. I don't know how often I get ' you're not from around here, are you?' - my speech must give me away!

Our interview is very early in the morning, so it necessitates an overnight - hopefully at a hotel with a nice pool! We were hoping to make this otherwise very stressful interview into a mini-holiday for the children, but if we will have to get feeling better if we are all going to enjoy this the way we had hoped! Can they deny you entrance into a country because of a the common cold? I hope not! I guess I'd better find my voice quickly so I can answer all their probing questions - and think clearly!

We are leaving the house tidy - even if it takes all my strength - which, it just might! Dreamer's room looks a little bit like an episode of 'How Clean is Your House?' and the Storyteller might win a prize for the most toys on the floor in history. Our room looks like a fabric shop exploded - I've been going through my fabrics and trying to pick out patterns to make some summer clothes for Dreamer, and a skirt or two for myself. The bathrooms don't exactly sparkle, and a good vacuuming is in order. So we all need to nip in and get to it, after school work is done! Maybe I'll take another nap first ....

EDITED: It gets worse .... the toilet in the laundry room couldn't have chosen a worse time to back up! I will admit that for a moment I was tempted to leave it until the Historian came home, but I love him too much for that! I am NOT handy with the plunger and the end result .... well, another shower was in order. Since I only own ONE pair of track pants ... guess whose I borrowed? The only good news there is that they are way too big for me - causing my gradual decline into frumpiness to accelerate rapidly. Needless to say, the house isn't clean - but there is always tomorrow!

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  1. I hope you feel better soon! It sounds like a lot of cleaning up for someone who is sick, but sometimes a big mess makes one feel even worse! I do hope the interview goes well.

  2. i'll be praying for you before and the day of your interview.

    lol, and here i was thinking you were sounding more american when you came to visit this summer hehehehe...

    my version of frump isn't track pants but pajama pants .... different look, same frump. when i had shingles it was over a week of them!

    i hope you are feeling well soon, and i'll be praying for your children and husband as well so that they won't get that bug as well.

    nancy h

  3. you poor thing! Hope things improve soon!

  4. I will be praying for your appointment, Heather! I wish I lived closer so I could come by and help out with the mess!

  5. I shall grant you a formal excuse & give you permission to rock the track pants! LOL!

    Love, Alli


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