Friday, February 22, 2008

Thrifted Beauty

Today, I've been planting bulbs! The ground is frozen solid and covered in ice and snow. The skies are gray and we are enjoying a 'wintery mix' of snow, sleet, freezing rain and rain.
However, I am planting - and it is so much fun! We ran a few 'essential' errands yesterday in between winter storms. I wasn't really feeling up to it, but many of the these errands had been on my list for over a month. I'm so glad we went yesterday and didn't put it off another day. The roads were clear and bare yesterday but today is the perfect kind of day for staying at home and keeping cozy!

One of our quick stops was to the garden center. A bit early, I know, but since Dreamer needed lima beans and corn seeds to sprout for science, the garden center was our best option. It was, as expected, deserted. We found our seeds, thankfully in smaller packages than the 2# size they first offered! As we were leaving Dreamer asked, "What about the fresh flowers, Mommy - do they sell those here?" She is also in need of some fresh flowers to examine under magnification for another science assignment. I started to say 'no, I don't think so ...', but our kindly clerk led us to the 'sale' area, and big bins of beautiful Amaryllis! In bloom!

This is a bit of thrifted beauty for our kitchen table - and I didn't spend a cent! On the weekends, I like to clear off the schoolbooks and giving it a good wiping - before putting something pretty in the middle. One tray, three glass containers, three cups of clear glass marbles, water and three bulbs! A little touch of something green and growing to remind us that spring is around the corner - I hope!

Many of the bulbs were fully blooming - right there in the boxes and bins! Isn't this breath taking? No water or warmth, very little sunlight and yet - beautiful! It really makes the 'bloom where you are planted' saying make sense, doesn't it?

The best part of this story - or the worst - these were scheduled for the garbage!!! What a waste! What classroom or nursing home wouldn't love to have these beauties brightening up a corner at this gray time of year? Who says they are just a Christmastime flower? Our clerk offered us a bag and we brought some home for free! Nine, actually! I hope we weren't greedy! We were just so excited! Some of the bulbs were unmarked, so it will be a nice surprise to see just what we were given!

We have some more to plant tomorrow - I am hoping that they will 'hold' if I put them in a cool room and I really hope that they are still lovely when our special guests arrive in two weeks! I am planning to put some of these in a basket lined with plastic filled with pebbles and soil and cover the bulbs with a bit of moss. My only problem is that the topsoil on the back porch is frozen solid - to the porch! However, I won't be going out to buy soil until the roads are a bit less treacherous! Until then, we'll enjoy watching the ones we have planted! They seem to enjoy the warmth of our home and the nice drink of water - they have already begun to grow! We are very blessed!


  1. This is fantastic! I am going to check my local store to see what they have available, we use our kitchen table for home school during the week ...this would be great to liven it up on the weekend as you said.......


  2. How exciting to be given all those bulbs!!! They're beautiful!!!

    I should bring in some of the bulbs that I saw sprouting in my garage and see if I can force them...

  3. Patti RitchieFebruary 22, 2008

    Hi There Friend, It has been far to long since I have checked in. '
    I can't believe I missed sending a card for your birthday. I thought about you all day if that counts.
    I was confused about your birth year. I thought you were going to be 40 this year, Sara is 20, and I am 60 all at the same time. I got 2 of those right.
    Things are going well. Jared is under the weather right now. Brenda took him to the doctor today.It's the flu. He just has to ride it out. She is doing all the right things.
    Our Renee' is pregnant!! I am pretty excited. She is due in late July. All is going well. She miscarried in spring of 2006 so I was pretty concerned for the first couple of months. I am relaxing a little now.LOL
    Tell everyone I said hello. I wish you would make a trip this way when the weather gets better. We love all of you.
    Patti R

  4. How beautiful!! What a wonderful blessing!

    ~Heather P.

  5. Oh my! Those are beautiful, Heather! How sad that they were going to be thrown away, I'm glad that you rescued them. They are set up beautifully on your table!


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