Tuesday, March 25, 2008

The Chatter

Mrs. Sparrow: "Well, will you look at that?"

Mrs. Robin: "Goodness - when did they build that?"

Mrs. Sparrow: "Just put it up yesterday. Can you see a sign?"

Mrs. Robin: " Ummm, no, but it looks just the like the 'Nest Depot' down the road, don't you think?"

Mrs. Sparrow: "You're right! I'm sure they'll put out their sign soon. Have you noticed the owners?"

Mrs. Robin: "Yes, unusual, aren't they?"

Mrs. Sparrow: "I don't like to gossip, but they are both very pale, and not at all friendly."

Mrs. Robin: "They look a bit like some relatives of mine, but of course, all my relatives are very friendly and colorful."

Mrs. Sparrow: "Oh, yes, so you've said. Hmmm. Check out the nest display. Would you say it is more 'Granny Chic' or "Traditional'?"

Mrs. Robin: "It looks very poorly made to me, whatever it is. I'd say it is 'Shabby Chic', but I'm no expert. Of course, it is just a floor model and they are never as advertised. Mr. Robin and I are planning something similar, of course, but much better made. We have the design from the 'Maker's Best Company'. We Robins have been using it forever. "

Mrs. Sparrow: "Yes, we have already begun as well, but I don't think Mr. Sparrow will mind if I offer just a little advice. I think I'll bring home some of that lushy green moss for the chick's bedroom. It will be perfect, don't you think?"

Mrs. Robin: "Oh yes! I might just do that too - though, Mr. Robin doesn't always appreciate my sense of style. Maybe just a few of those nice twigs and a touch of that ribbon. It will add a bit of class at our front door, I think."

Mrs. Sparrow: "I suppose they will have sales and coupons in the paper when they announce their 'Grand Opening', but perhaps they have some 'Door Crasher' specials we can take advantage of this morning. Let's get a closer look."

Mrs. Robin: "Yes, let's go shopping! I'll let Mr. Robin know we'll be back soon. A couple of hours at the most, don't you think? It's not one of those Super Centers."

Mrs. Sparrow: "That sounds good, but you know, while we are out, wouldn't you like to visit that other new 'Nest Builders Supply'? "

Mrs. Robin: "That sound's great! I'll grab my purse. Let's go!"

Matthew 10:29-31
The Words of Jesus

"Are not two sparrows sold for a penny? Yet not one of them will fall to the ground apart from the will of your Father. And even the very hairs of your head are all numbered. So don't be afraid; you are worth more than many sparrows."

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  1. I wish I felt as charitable when I saw what they had done to my wreathes this morning .... oh well! Gives me a good excuse to make some more!

  2. H .m.m.m.m

    Boy the birds down there sure are chatty bunch huh?

    I well remember a wreath that was put out here, that most of the parts found their way into a nest in the nearby cedar trees.

    Boy, your imagination sure is sharp honey.

    Love Ya !


  3. i want to let you know that i needed the encouragement of that verse today .... thank you.

    nancy h


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