Wednesday, March 5, 2008

So pretty ...

If I had made this transformation on my own, I certainly wouldn't be 'braggy and boastful', but since I didn't even lift a finger, but let Darcy do all the hard creative work, I can properly express my delight! I simply told this incredibly creative lady just what I like, and voila'! So pretty! There is a handy little 'Graphically Designing' button on my side bar if you'd like to pay her a visit! Everyone can use a little bit of fancy! Thank you so very much Darcy!

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  1.'s beautiful, Heather! Very delicate and gentle!

  2. Very lovely, Heather!

  3. I love it! Your page is just beautiful! I love the music, the atmosphere! Very relaxing and cozy! Have a wonderful day.

  4. Oh Heather!! I LOVE your new "do"!!! It's very warm and welcoming and makes me want to sit and enjoy a cup of tea with you!!! I think this new look is much more YOU!!

    Mrs. U

  5. It is a lovely new look!

  6. We have more "weather" on the way, although it looks right now like the worst will be going to the EAST of us. :)

    I did an Amazon search for the author of the Jewish books. Her cookbook that I showed on my blog is selling used for just a couple of dollars (plus tax).

    Quite a few of the other stories about Jewish Holidays (for kids) are also available used.

    I'm definitely going to look into those tapes,too.

  7. Great job Darcy . . .

    And Heather, you are just too much Honey . . . .

    W O W !!!!

    I trust you will have a G R E A T time with your mom and sister. And DO try to take it all less seriously honey . . . too much stress is never good, for livers or families.

    Hey Gerber - Mr Mark and |I are in Battle Creek . . . now why would they name a place Battle Creek ?



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