Monday, March 17, 2008

Eye emergency ...

Late this afternoon, our Storyteller was opening a favorite book a bit too energetically and it hit him in the eye. When I realized that his pain level was increasing rather than decreasing after 1/2 hour, we got him right in to see our eye doctor - which was a real blessing! It turns out that he has the worst 'scratch' that our very experienced doctor has seen, but it is in a really good place. He actually has a paper cut that took a chunk out of his cornea - which thankfully should heal very quickly. He has a band aid contact lens on his eye and is trying to get to sleep despite the pain. He has antibiotic eye drops every 4 hours without fail and Tylenol and Motrin. This should be interesting. We see the doctor again tomorrow - and very likely the next day as well. The most difficult part of his instructions included words like 'calm', 'quiet', and 'non- strenuous activity'. Um? Just how ... he is 7 you know ... we'll try ... *sigh*! Our Storyteller has a history of wicked infections ( eg. ingrown toe nail becoming blood poisoning) and that is a big threat in this case since it could cause vision loss - so if you would, please pray for protection from infection and speedy healing. Thank you!

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  1. Oh that sounds so awful!! I always couldn't stand to read about eye injuries when I was a kid. I hope that the scratch heals quickly and it isn't too hard to stay calm. :)

  2. Getting a little boy to stay still and calm will be the real miracle!

    I'm praying for him. :)


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