Tuesday, October 2, 2007

Just a little more chocolate ...

A new friend at Bible Study last week informed me that 'some days just need a little more chocolate', and I have decided she's probably right!

It must be true because we have been on a 'parade of sweets' since Friday. That's when we baked for the soccer coaches lunches - with a few to spare for the home cookie jars! After soccer, Mum baked two perfect pumpkin pies since that was what Dreamer requested for her birthday. I felt that we had way too many sweets in the house and thought that we would end up throwing them out stale! Alas, the brownies are gone, the oatmeal cookies are a faint memory, the snickerdoodles have left a trail of cinnamon sugar, and the pumpkin pie has vanished without a trace! You'll find them somewhere around my hips!

That's the biggest reason that when I bake I need to give it away quickly! Sometimes I look to food to comfort through the rough patches of our family life, and I guess I've been doing that for the past few days! I hope the scales won't show it! It's time to get back on track, and eat healthfully again! Keeping my feet up doesn't burn many Brownies!

We had a quiet family birthday party for Dreamer on Saturday night, and then my mum and dad left for home Sunday morning after we headed to church. We rested a lot Sunday and prayed for their safe travel. I have some nice books on my night stand right now that are keeping me company and helping me to keep my foot up more. We took the kids to the park Sunday and let them run and climb for a couple of hours while I sat and enjoyed the sunshine and the Historian threw the football around with the children and and pushed them on the swings.

Monday was the Dreamer's official 10th birthday and she wanted to go to a museum. Most in our area are not open on Mondays and it was raining, but we found one that was, and it was close by too. Inside there were wonderful interactive displays and a room with an 1850's house, classroom and barn represented that were all hands on and kid friendly. They put on period style clothes and had a great time. There was even a penny candy store - more sweets! The sun came out and we explored a barn and met the chickens and roosters, 7 three day old piglets and their mother, two very friendly calico cats and some wonderful horses, sheep and a goat. I wasn't able to see everything because walking around on uneven ground is difficult, but we had a nice time as a family and plan to go back as soon as I am able. I love that my hubby makes every effort to take the day off for the children's birthdays - he only went in for a few hours in the evening.

Last week, knowing mum was needing to get home to her own responsibilities, the Historian began to look into some time off work to help out at home. He was able to get some time off and has been home most of the day. He will bring some work home to keep current, but he is doing all the driving, errands, and he also supervised homeschooling today. He plans to be home for this week and maybe next, so I hope I heal quickly!

We have been really struggling with terrible attitudes and un co-operative children for many weeks now, so we are prayerfully going to go 'back to the basics' and requiring first time cheerful obedience and respect. We have been slack and tried to give grace (we are soft spoken, non confrontational type people), but the end result has been disrespect and stubborn disobedience. I have been lacking the strength to carry through with consequences, the mental acuity to be creative with my discipline, and the consistency required to be effective, so needless to say, we've had a downward spiral of behaviour. Not something that I really like to admit here!

I pray that this with the Historian at time at home will be a time to get us back on track and also to give us some insight into the hearts of our children and where we need to make changes and work to correct the character issues they are struggling with. The Historian and I are on the same page in this and I hope we will be able to affect some lasting changes. We are seeking wisdom from the Source, since we surely find ourselves greatly lacking!

We love the idea of gentle learning and grace parenting, but the reality in our home is that we have two very strong willed children who need some dramatic change before rebellion and disrespect take hold. There is nothing more worth the effort then the hearts of the two precious children God has entrusted to our care for such a brief season. Even when homeschooling is not always the joy I'd hoped it would be!

As I was working on my Bible Study this week I read a passage that reminded me again that suffering has it's part in refining my character. Beth Moore calls this the 'classic free will offering'. Nothing can make me give my difficulties to God as an offering, but I may choose to, and be blessed.

1 Peter 4:19

So then, those who suffer according to God's will

should commit themselves to their faithful Creator

and continue to do good.

So, we are a family in ongoing 'character building' mode, and praying for change by the only proven method - the renewing of our minds through the Word of God. We want to be more like Jesus! Amen?


  1. I'm glad your husband was able to get some time off. I've been back in bed over the weekend and my husband is back doing all the errands, etc. which others can't do. In fact, he's off to Kohl's right now for a great sale on shoes -- I'm hoping he can pick out shoes for all the kids. :) I do miss being able to go myself!

  2. Oh Heather - I'm so sorry you are suffering again. And I was getting tired of the couch! You are blest with a shopping husband! The shopping part my husband would not do so well! He does get groceries, but I have to be specific. If I write 'grapes' on the list and don't say 1 1/2 pounds of red grapes on sale for $1.29 per pound, he'll come home with 3 pounds of green and 3 pounds of concords, and not notice the sale ones! He is always very generous, but likes it best when the list is specific. I hope you are up and about again soon! Strength to you!

  3. Happy Birthday to your daughter, Heather!!

    It seems like the attitudes and respectfulness are on a roller coaster around here. I think everything this is going well and then bam! It's time to work on it again! Consistency is my problem. It usually doesn't take long to get things back on track so I'm sure your home will be peaceful again soon!


  4. Hi heather!
    That's pretty amazing that you bought the same fabric I did! (and to put on wicker chairs too!) I hope you can find your chairs sometime. We've had trouble finding little tables/side tables. They seem to be few and far between and pricey when they do show up. But, I did actually find a white wicker side table at Goodwill that sits in between my two wicker chairs -- amazing! :)

  5. Kelli - I am so glad that I am not the only mom who struggles with this! I tend to think that the well behaved respectful children I see are ALWAYS that way and I forget that other families are struggling on and off with the same issues! I pray we get back on track quickly, but since we've let it slip for a while, I think it might take some time.

    Heather - I have faith that I will find some chairs, but I am picky - they have to be comfortable! I hope we can do some yard sale shopping when soccer is over, but for now Saturday mornings are taken up with that! I hope that side tables are not too hard to find, I have lots of ideas and no surface to use them on!

  6. Thanks for this post Heather. I could relate on some many points. The first one being "some days just need a little more chocolate". I also eat out of "comfort" especially when things are difficult; I also try to share treats with others outside our home, so there won't be so many here. And, we too are revisiting the basics--cheerfully, willingly and fully obeying those that have the authority over us. :) I am praying that you heal quickly and that you will be able to rest when you need to.


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